The RAM Scam

Socialist Worker front, Residents Action Movement(RAM),is plastering Auckland with their new campaign hoardings.

I wonder how many of the nearly 90,000 voters who supported RAM candidates in 2004, realised they were voting for a Trotskyist front?


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9 thoughts on “The RAM Scam

  1. what a fucking awful poem.
    No syntax or anything.

    how about:

    RAM Stood For The Elections

    RAM stood for the elections
    really wanting to destroy the capitalist system
    They had heaps of billboards up to convince the voters,
    But what with all the other bourgeoise distractions all over the place a lot of voters missed em.

  2. A poetic tribute to Trevor our saviour from Communism and environmetalism and all the other mentalisms.


    Mary ran a little RAM
    knowing the electorate was fickle
    underneath its nice soft wool
    was a great big hammer and sickle.

  3. Very clever advertising – short punchy slogans that are easily remembered.

    Note also the blue colour on the ads, that may be the cleverest bit in my mind.

    They are still a bunch of commies tho!


  4. Auckland Regional Councillor, City Vision
    Councillor Mike Lee – ARC Chair
    Auckland City constituency of the ARC

    Auckland City Councillors, City Vision
    Councillor Neil Abel
    Eden-Albert Ward

    Councillor Cathy Casey
    Eden-Albert Ward

    Councillor Glenda Fryer
    Eden-Albert Ward

    Councillor Bruce Hucker
    Western Bays Ward

    Councillor Penny Sefuiva
    Western Bays Ward

    Councillor Vern Walsh
    Avondale-Roskill Ward

    Auckland City Councillors, Labour
    Councillor Leila Boyle
    Tamaki-Maungakiekie Ward

    Councillor John Hinchcliff
    Tamaki-Maungakiekie Ward

    Councillor Richard Northey
    Tamaki-Maungakiekie Ward

    Community Board Members, City Vision

    Avondale Ward: Lorraine Wilson (Chair) –, Catherine Farmer (Deputy) –, Lynlie Walsh – ,

    Eden-Albert Ward: Lindsey Rea (Chair) –, Wendy Davies (Deputy) –, Phil Chase –, Virginia Chong –, Gillian Dance – , Chris Dempsey –,

    Mt Roskill Ward: Corinne McLaren –,

    Western Bays Ward: Graeme Easte (Chair) –, Rosemary Ward (Deputy) –, Leigh Kennaway –, Bruce Kilminster –, Kate Stanton –,
    Community Board Members, Labour

    Tamaki Ward: Kate Sutton (Chair) –, Jan Welch (Deputy) – , Mary Bhalla –, Arna Metcalfe –, Mike Murray –,
    City Vision Committee
    Chair: Robert Gallagher

    Deputy Chair: John Hill

    Secretary: Lindsey Rea

  5. Selections for 2007 City Vision candidates
    Eden-Albert Ward

    City Vision candidates in Eden-Albert are:

    * Cr Neil Abel, Cr Dr Cathy Casey and Cr Glenda Fryer for Council.
    * Phil Chase, Virginia Chong, Christopher Dempsey, Lingappa Kalburgi, Elinor Harvey and Rochelle Rees for Community Board.

    Western Bays Ward

    City Vision candidates in Western Bays are:

    * Graeme Easte and Lindsey Rea for Council.
    * Leigh Kennaway, Bruce Kilmister, Diane Percy, Johanna Robertson and Kate Stanton for Community Board.

    Avondale-Roskill Ward

    City Vision candidates in Avondale-Roskill are:

    * Bruce McCarthy, David Rhodes, Tommy Tay Seng Bee and Donna Wynd for Council.
    * Evana Belich, Catherine Farmer, Ross Ihaka, Michelle Johansson and Bill McKay for Avondale Community Board.
    * Peter McConnell, Corinne McLaren, Kafeba Mundele, Carmel Sepuloni and Michael Wood for Roskill Community Board.
    * Iris Donoghue, Catherine Farmer and Lorraine Wilson for Portage Licensing Trust.

    Auckland District Health Board (ADHB)

    City Vision candidates for the ADHB are Jo Agnew, Roger Eccles, Ian Scott and Bob Tizard.

    Auckland Regional Council (ARC)

    City Vision Regional People candidates are Shale Chambers, Maire Leadbeater, Mike Lee and Ian Scott.

  6. Marxist-Leninism is more the Maoist credo of the hardline Workers Party, who seem to be content to remain in electoral double figures at the polls. If by Marxist you mean the people at Socialist Worker, well, one thing they are VERY good at is building up networks and linking different groups. But they don’t seem to bash people over the head with the Communist Manifesto, which is why they have built some intersting events with people as diverse as Muslims, trade unionists and environmentalists. They seem to have gathered a new layer of young go getters around them, but most people who don’t join them still know that they are socialists!

  7. I congratulate RAM on its campaign STF.

    One point though-how many votes would RAM get if all voters (not just RAM’s core supporters) were aware of RAM’s Marxist-Leninist underpinning?

  8. very punchy! no photos of ego driven candidates, all on message, interesting. city vision’s billboards are boring little labour party things by comparison, tired, unimaginative, dull, boring. Could RAM take a left vote from the tired bickering centre left, Trev? They do seem to be attracting quite a lot of young helpers, including some members (ex members?) of the Greens and Labour. A front, maybe- a united front, as most volunteers know Morgan and co are openly socialist. The left voters in Auckland are so starved of imginative policy i could see them give a vote or two RAM’s way.

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