Socialist Venezuela to Host Maori Radicals

Like the Soviet Union, China and Cuba before it, Venezuela is becoming a training ground for indigenous revolutionaries.

Now it looks like they will be training a guiding Maori activists.

From the latest Green Left Weekly

Planning is well underway for the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s sixth brigade to Venezuela, to be held from November 23 to December 3, and registrations are open to everyone interested in this unique opportunity to witness firsthand a revolution in the making.

The Venezuelan people, led by George Bush’s arch-enemy, President Hugo Chavez, have this year taken over more workplaces, set up more cooperatives, established hundreds of free public education and health programs, organised their neighbourhoods and taken big steps towards exercising “popular power” at every level of their society. Brigade participants will visit occupied factories and public educational and health institutions, see participatory democracy at work in the communal councils and people’s banks, and speak to government and grassroots organisations about their struggle to create “socialism for the 21st century”.

This brigade will also include a special focus on indigenous issues. Indigenous activists from Australia, Aotearoa (NZ) and possibly North America will be joining the brigade, and the itinerary will include visits to indigenous communities, and meetings with indigenous people’s organisations.


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10 thoughts on “Socialist Venezuela to Host Maori Radicals

  1. I reckon that Jew-Hat’n Steve would really enjoy going to Venezuela.

    Put you hand up Steve!, join the other ‘freedom fighters’ in the socialst peoples paradise of Venuzuela!

    You, Chavez and your ‘hero’ Galloway deserve each other.


  2. America IS losing the Iraq war and was always going to – garlands of roses in Baghdad indeed! And America HAS set the ground for the “insurgency” – I don’t say “terorist” because the overarching terrorist is The Chickenhawk, the alter ego of President Cheney-Haliburton.

    Rattle the bars of your cage as much as you like Wee Mah but that’s the reality – your incapacity to acknowledge the plain facts doesn’t touch those plain facts one litle bit.

    You’re a fanatic Mah and you’d claim the earth was flat if at any moment it suited your manic mood.

    A wicked self-deluder ! And I’ll bet you millions of decent Jewish people world-wide veritably cringe when you purport to talk for them… give Jewish people a bad name.

    And you are a fascist…..demonstrably so. You and your tin soldiers would kill millions to balance your creepy equations.

    IDF:10 Palestinians:1

  3. “Galloway is a hero !”

    Enough said. You apparently do not care what a fraud your so-called hero truly is, do you? Do you care he traveled to Syria, supported the Baathist dictatorship and stated that America is losing the Iraq war and giving moral support to the terrorist insurgencies?

    Would the likes of your hero Galloway be such a Useful Idiot into giving Afghanistan back to Osama? But I guess on how I am a “fascist”, supporting the Afghanistan war to remove the Taliban didn’t qualify me to be a “fascist” there. But then with a light-weight like yourself being a Useful Idiot for terrorists not just in Iraq, but likely in Afghanistan as well, give Iraq up, give Afghanistan up. It’s that simple of where it’s heading if folks like you get their way.

    But hey, I’m the “fascist” for opposing terrorists to install brutal dictatorships in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. Galloway is a hero !

    He cuts throught the bullshit of all your pro-invasion coiffed effigies in the US Congress like a hot knife through butter.

    Did you see the clips of his very efficient dealing to the very same in the US Congressional hearings ? “I was right, you were wrong….” What did they have to say in response ? Nothing really, just stood there looking stupid and dumbstruck.

    The contrast between him and all you tin-soldier characters is compelling. He’s doing…’re raving.

  5. Cameron,

    We right wingers don’t find your examples of socialist success funny. That’s because you don’t offer any examples of socialist success. All you offer are utopian promises.

  6. “I find it very funny when right-wingers cite Singapore and Hong Kong as good examples of capitalist development. They forget that in these places the state took a big part in economic development, supporting both public infrastructure and private corporations.

    Nothing like neo-liberalism.”

    So do you promote this anti-Capitalist propaganda because the Chinese and the folks in Hong Kong and the locals in Singapore are not living in socialist hellholes?

    Last time I checked, both of those places were jump started thanks to the local colonial powers. With Hong Kong in particular, was a port city for the British Empire. It was considered freer than the mainland China which fell under the Communist Chinese.

  7. I find it very funny when right-wingers cite Singapore and Hong Kong as good examples of capitalist development. They forget that in these places the state took a big part in economic development, supporting both public infrastructure and private corporations.

    Nothing like neo-liberalism.

  8. I wonder if Steve “Maori Radical” from Northland will be attending?

    Steve, here is your chance to meet the big kahuna himself. Galloway is a poser. Chavez is the real deal. Only problem is Chavez isn’t indigenous. Just like the Sandinistas he has no plans on empowering indigenous peoples despite the phony rhetoric. He wants to absorb indigenous peoples into the collective. Like The Borg on Start Trek.

  9. No major surprise about this. People like Chavez, Castro and others won’t rest until everybody is in a socialist hellhole. Even the indigenous folks they claim to be “supporting”.

    Wonder why they can’t take a hint that Capitalistic Hong Kong beat them by over a mile on the economic scale.

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