Chinese Army Loyal to Communist Party

Imagine if the US Army had to swear allegiance to the Republicans or Democrats, rather than the US constitution?

Imagine if the NZ Arm’s first loyalty was to Helen Clark-hang on a minute….?

Discoun the “some factions in China” bit-just a little disinformation to make it appear as if the Party has some significant opposition.

From the CPC website

As the 80th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) approaches, China’s Defence Minister and Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), has reiterated a pledge to recognize the absolute leadership of the Communist Party over the nation’s military.

In a signed article published by the Party Journal Qiushi, meaning “Seeking Truth“, on July 16, Cao Gangchuan, third in the chain of command of the PLA, said, “We must unswervingly adhere to the fundamental principle of the Party’s absolute leadership over the military.”

Troops obeying the command of the Party Central Committee is the principle of the PLA’s establishment and the greatest political demand of the military put forward by the Party and the Chinese people,” he said.

Some factions in China in recent years have argued for the PLA to be brought under the leadership of the State rather than the Party.

Some hostile forces have made it their priority to westernize the Chinese military and have preached the non-politicalization and nationalization of the military in an attempt to separate the military from the Party leadership,” he continued.

The PLA regards the political tasks of the Part as its own tasks … all Chinese servicemen have a firm belief in obeying the Party’s order and following the Party line,” he said.

“The party’s core leadership of three generations and the current CMC Chairman and Chinese President, Hu Jintao, has made the Party’s absolute leadership over the military its top priority.

“Chairman Hu once said it is important, historically, to pass down fine traditions of the military to generation after generation, maintain inherent qualities and styles of the army and make the PLA the people’s army under the absolute leadership of the Party,” Cao noted.


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5 thoughts on “Chinese Army Loyal to Communist Party

  1. Anatoly Golitsyn – I have no doubt he *was* right, but don’t you think that the plan failed?

    It was a super cunning plan, for sure. Lots of experimentation and practice, for sure. I have no doubt they thought it would work. But, it looks like an Icarus situation to me… ran a little to close to the sun.

    The China part may be doing as planned, but I don’t think Russia intended itself to become a rusty economic and demographic disaster.

    You can see elements of Anatoly Golitsyn predictions in Putin, as you’d expect from his background, but it seems more like trying to use some of the better ideas to salvage something from the screw up.

    The plan clearly never would’ve had a Boris Yeltsin, or a re-restricting Putin. It should’ve had a smoothly “liberalizing” Gorby just as China has been doing.

    Just because he was correct about many things (e.g. the wall coming down) doesn’t mean they happened exactly how or why he said and the Soviets probably planned.

  2. That’s my point Reid

    Golitsyn predicted all of those events in his 1984 book ” New lies for Old”

    As a former KGB insider himself, Golitsyn claimed to be privy to long range planningthat took place between 1958 and ’61 under then KGB chief Shelepin.

    CIA counter intelligence chief James Angleton championed Golitsyn’s views, until he was sacked by Nixon.

    Far from winning the “cold war” Reid, the West was sucked in -big time.

    Russia and China are now allies-just as Golitsyn predicted, most of Latin America is red, South Africa and most of the continent are under Socialist or Muslim rule. India is aligning with Russia and China. Pakistan is in grave trouble. Most of Europe is pink or neutral, the communists are supporting the Muslims and Iran.

    The US is on the verge of “conquest” by a socialist and CPUSA infiltrated Democratic Party.

    That is the harsh reality of the world today Reid.

    It ain’t that pretty, unfortunately.

    Thank God, I’m an optimist.

  3. If someone said at the start of 1989 that communism would collapse that year in the Warsaw Pact nations they would have been laughed at. If someone said at the start of 1991 that the Soviet Union would collapse that year they would also have been laughed at. When unpopular totalitarian regimes fall it is often on very short notice.

    We can never really know how strong a totalitarian regimes grip on power is since objective journalism is outlawed.
    I view the Chinese Communist regime as a giant contradiction. It is only communist in it’s rhetoric. Some of the wealthiest capitalists in China are communist party members. Chinese communism is about power, control and wealth. It is not about the proleteriat of the masses. The Chinese are smart enough to know the communist rhetoric is a farce.

    Some financial analysts have stated that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of China’s indigenous loans are non-performing. Has there ever been an industrial boom that wasn’t followed by a bad loan bust? No there hasn’t. The mother of all banking crisis is soon to hit China. It will make the Japanese crisis of the 90’s look small in comparison. And 1 trillion in foreign currency reserves will be way too small to bail out the banking system. Stay tuned.

  4. I don’t share your optimism Reid.

    The CPC is well entrenched and can survive any major recession.

    Elites may be overthrown in “democracies”, but police states like China are another matter.

    The main point though is that I follow the theories of KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn.

    The Chinese experiment is simply one phase of a broad programme to swing the balance of power towards Russia and China.

    Right now, the East is winning.

  5. The Communist Dynasty will not last much longer. Political pluralism is an unstoppable force that will overwhelm the communists. Either the communists will end their political monopoly voluntarily or it will be taken by force from them.

    The Chinese communists have a capitalist tiger by the tail. As long as the economy booms it appears the communists are firmly in charge. But when the deflationary economic bust hits the communists won’t survive. The upper echelon of communists and their families are getting wealthy and the people know it.

    Change will be swift.

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