Ex-Soviet Military Leader Says "Cold War" is Back

General Leonid Ivashov is the vice-president of the Academy on Geopolitical Affairs. He was the chief of the department for General affairs in the Soviet Union’s ministry of Defense, secretary of the Council of defense ministers of the Community of independant states (CIS), chief of the Military cooperation department at the Russian federation’s Ministry of defense and Joint chief of staff of the Russian armies.

If he says we’re in a Cold War, we probably are;

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Moscow, May 13: A new ‘Cold War’ between Russia and the West has already started and is at a ‘full swing’, a former Russian General has claimed amid straining of the Moscow-Washington ties over US plans to deploy elements of its missile shield in some former Soviet bloc countries.
We assert that the ‘Cold War’ is unfolding and, in fact, is at full swing,” Colonel-General (Retd) Leonid Ivashov said at a press meet here ahead of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s Moscow talks and Russia-EU summit in Volga city of Samara next week.

Rice is arriving on Monday to assuage Kremlin’s concerns at the planned deployment of elements of US missile shield in Czech Republic and Poland, while EU rotating President German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to press Moscow to ease its stance on energy security.

“The Cold War is engulfing all the spheres of Russia- West relations. First of all relations between Russia and the US are aggravating in the political plane,” Ivashov asserted.

“We see the US Administration’s attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of Russia, especially in the electoral and political processes,” he said.

He backed President Vladimir Putin’s decision to suspend Moscow’s arms cut obligations under the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty signed in 1990 between Soviet-led Warsaw Pact and NATO and suspend all cooperation with the US-led military-political alliance.


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  1. Codni Rice is denying the claim of there’s a new Cold War. Somehow, I think she may be covering for those who are promoting the new Cold War.

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