Philippines Communists Call on UN Rapporteur

From a Communist Party of the Philippines press release

The Communist Party of the Philippines said today that “Gloria Arroyo’s adamant refusal to disclose the report on political killings submitted to her by the Melo Commission is part of the grand effort to cover up her regime’s responsibility for masterminding these killings.”

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal said that “The Melo Report has now become a skeleton in Malacañang’s closet that Arroyo is determined to hide from the public and even international human rights and external relations bodies that she has in all hypocrisy invited to participate in the investigations.”

Rosal also scored concerted efforts of Malacañang and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to misrepresent the killings are part of an alleged purge within the revolutionary movement.

He expressed confidence, however, that “the EC Extermal Relations director general and the UN CHR special rapporteur will see through the Arroyo regime’s lies and deceit, take an objective look into the political killings and determine not only the individual culpabilities of the actual perpetrators, but the criminal responsibility of the Philippine president herself who has made the killings a policy of her regime.

Rosal urged the UN-CHR special rapporteur to “look deeper into the Arroyo regime’s state terrorist policy and ‘counter-insurgency’ and ‘internal security’ plan that regard civilians and activists as armed combatants and promote a rabid anti-communist Red-scare against anti-Arroyo progressive parties and organizations.”


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