Farrar Sums Up the Greens

From David Farrar’s Kiwiblog

The Greens are debating not committing to only Labour prior to the next election, and negotiating with both National and Labour if they hold the balance of power.

But don’t anyone think there is any real chance of a National-Green coalition. Most Greens are either communist background (Locke, Bradford, Norman) or hard-left. You possibly could do a deal just on environmental policy but you could never ever agree on economic policy, trade policy, defence policy etc etc,

As an example in the interview Sue Bradford demands National renounce and apologise for their previous actions. Yeah sure, right after Bradford apologises for the atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party.

So it is a smart move for the Greens, if they take it. But anyone who seriously thinks the Greens would vote in favour of a National Government is very mistaken.


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3 thoughts on “Farrar Sums Up the Greens

  1. Get set to be disappointed Cameron.

    I actually disagree with David. I think the Greens will cuddle up to National, if the circumstances are right.

    There is a bit of a story behind this, which I may post later.

    They’ll go with Labour in a heartbeat-which is why Jeanette’s staying on

    She sees power in her grasp.

  2. Cancer Treatment For Camejo, Once ‘Dangerous’ To Reagan

    Green Party candidate Peter Camejo – who ran for California governor in
    2002, 2003 and 2006 – underwent his first chemotherapy treatment Thursday
    for lymphoma. The cause of the cancer likely was environmental, doctors told
    Camejo, who does not drink or smoke.

    “We have 200 chemicals in our body that we didn’t have 100 years ago,”
    Camejo, 67, told the Associated Press after he was diagnosed. “So many
    millions of Americans get cancer and to have to deal with it, it is a
    humbling experience.”

    Camejo attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and U.C. Berkeley,
    where he was suspended once for “using an unauthorized microphone” in a
    protest against the Vietnam War, according to his Wiki profile. Then-Gov.
    Ronald Reagan listed Camejo as one of California’s 10 most dangerous

    Camejo co-founded an Oakland brokerage firm, Progressive Asset Management.
    He ran for president as the Socialist Workers Party nominee in 1976, and was
    Ralph Nader’s vice presidential running mate in 2004. Last year, Camejo
    received about 206,000 votes in the race for governor, or 2.3% of the total.

    (Camejo was “dangerous” to Reagan during Reagan’s terms as governor
    from, I believe, 1966 t0 1974, which included Camejo’s leadership of the
    1968 student strike at UC Berkeley, which briefly and successfully captured
    the streets of the college city in 1968.)

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