Centrebet on "Dancing With the Stars"

Aussie bookmaker Centrebet has worked out it’s odds on winning “Dancing With the Stars”

Hot favourite is Beatrice Faumuina paying $3 to win.

Second is David Wikaira-Paul on $3.25

Third is Angela Bloomfield on $4.50

Fourth is Danyon Loader on $10

Our Rodney comes in at fifth on $11

Sixth is Christine Rankin on $15

Seventh is Steve Gurney on $17

Last is Lorraine Downs, on $21, falling victim to the “beautiful woman syndrome” that saw Nicky Watson eliminated early in the last series.

Clearly Centrebet see Rodney in a better light than the judges on Sunday night, who put him narrowly in last place.

I think Centrebet has got it about right, except that I think Rodney will finish higher than fifth place. Rodney’s amazing determination needs to be fully factored in.


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4 thoughts on “Centrebet on "Dancing With the Stars"

  1. Wodney will get the boot at the first or second elimination (it will be a close contest with Christine Wankin). The public will see the “infatuated with dance partner” thing, get the “I’m going to chunder” feeling, and be face down in a rubbish bin when it comes to voting.

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