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Space Is No Longer the Final Frontier—Reality Is [forthcoming release May 2024]

Globalism is a replacement ideology that seeks to reorder the world into one singular, planetary Unistate, ruled by the globalist elite. The globalist war on nation-states cannot succeed without collapsing the United States of America. The long-term strategic attack plan moves America incrementally from constitutional republic to socialism to globalism to feudalism. The tactical attack plan uses asymmetric psychological and informational warfare to destabilize Americans and drive society out of objective reality into the madness of subjective reality. America’s children are the primary target of the globalist predators.

James Lindsay’s analysis of Woke Marxism (Chapter 11) is supported by the extraordinary Testimony of Dr. Bella Dodd to HUAC in 1953.[i] The U.S. House of Representatives formed the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1938 to look into subversive activity by private citizens. Bella Dodd (1904–1969) was a New York teacher, lawyer, labor union activist, and high-ranking member of the Communist Party USA in the 1930s and 1940s. She speaks candidly about her idealism; her seduction into the Communist Party as a young woman; and her growing disillusionment, disaffection, and final ardent anti-communist stance.

Bella Dodd testifies with an experienced insider’s voice, exposing the fundamental deceit of communism in her very personal and powerful sworn statement. She explains how millions of Americans, herself included, were sucked into communism with slogans and generalizations—seduced by feelings, not facts. Excerpts from her testimony are particularly relevant today:

Take, for instance, the whole question of anti-fascism. The Communist Party in this country set itself up as the one organization that was fighting fascism. Very few other organizations gave them a battle for that, and so the Americans got to feeling, “These are the anti-Fascists.”

We only learn now, after reading documents captured by the American soldiers in Germany, that throughout the time the Communists were calling themselves “anti-Fascists,” they were working with the German high brass while Hitler was in power… Well, they took the anti-Fascist slogan and made themselves the protagonists of anti-fascism.

They did the same thing with the word “democracy.” It became very difficult to oppose them because they posed everything in terms of the word “democracy.” … (pp. 1746–1747)

They divide your loyalty to the “country” from loyalty to the “people.” They say, “We are the greatest Americans there are. We believe in supporting the people.”

Who are the people? They are for the class society—for the proletariat. They say, “The working class makes up 98 percent of the people. Therefore, we, in our desire to protect the people, are the greatest democrats that there are.” But they forget to tell you that as far as they are concerned, before they are through taking power, they will kill off large sections of the working class if it doesn’t go along with their program…. (p. 1748)

There is no more depressing problem than the way the party uses minority groups for the purpose of creating chaos and division among the people, creating fear and hatred among themselves in order that the many Communist organizations may promote the things in which they are interested…. (p. 1755)

You know there is a strategy of the party and tactics of the party. The strategy of the party is world revolution. In a country like the United States which is in preparation, a non-Communist country, this country is being prepared for revolution. The revolution may not be a bloody one, it may be like the one they had in Czechoslovakia where they opened the doors to the Soviet Union…. (p. 1757)

I think there is a responsibility at present in America, the intellectuals, and the professional people in America have a special responsibility because they are the ones who have been used…. They are being used in order to divide and to confuse and to create chaos in American public opinion…. (p. 1765)

The American teachers have to understand that education must have a basic philosophy and they must themselves drink deep of the political genius of America as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

They must have a philosophy consonant with the Hebraic-Christian tradition, which has been the basis of Western civilization. I think teachers must understand they are the guardians of America’s future….

The communists do not believe in the rights of the individual. They believe only in the right of the collective. The individual is only part of a collective group, and whenever he doesn’t move according to the collective, he is ousted from the group…. (p. 1772)

There is no doubt in my mind that Czechoslovakia didn’t fall before an armed force, but fell because the intellectuals and professional groups in Czechoslovakia came to the conclusion that communism was their salvation. They are the ones who opened the door to the Soviet Union. It is quite possible in the United States to have—it is not a difficult thing for a country to fall. It isn’t a question—we must get away from the idea that a country falls by guns alone. A country falls when we adopt Communist ideas and move in the direction of communism. The battle for America is house by house, street by street, city by city…. It is not up to teachers alone but to each mother and father. Each person within our country has the job of defeating Communist ideas…. (pp. 1773–1774)

Bella Dodd testified before HUAC in 1953, the same year Norman Dodd (Chapter 9) made the stunning discovery that American philanthropic organizations were generously supporting communist causes in the United States. In both cases, education was identified as the chosen vehicle for dismantling the societal infrastructure of the United States.

I could find no connection between Bella Dodd and Norman Dodd outside of their ideological warnings of the existential danger of communism to American freedom and the insidious communist infiltration spreading throughout American life.

Today, communism, philanthrocapitalism (discussed fully in Chapter 25), and education intersect in the prevailing Marxist critical race theory that is battering society and threatening America with societal collapse.

The purpose of all the species of Marxist critical theories is total destruction of the established social norms in the targeted society. To help people understand the destructive seeds of Marxist critical race theory (CRT), investigative journalist Christopher F. Rufo lists nine key concepts in his anti-CRT Parent Guidebook: Fighting Critical Race Theory in K–12 Schools.[ii] All of these concepts are being planted in children’s fertile minds in American schools. Marxist critical theories are not to be confused with critical thinking.

Race essentialism: Critical race theory reduces individuals to the quasi-metaphysical categories of “blackness” and “whiteness” and then loads those categories with value connotations—positive traits are attributed to “blackness” and negative traits are attributed to “whiteness.” Although some critical race theorists formally reject race essentialism [the belief that human identity and behavior are genetically race-based], functionally they often use these categories as malicious labels that erase individual identities.

Collective guilt: Critical race theory claims that individuals categorized as “white” are inherently responsible for injustice and oppression committed by white populations in the past. This concept is sometimes framed as “white guilt,” “white shame,” and “white complicity,” which are psychological manifestations of collective guilt.

Opposition to equality under the law: Critical race theorists explicitly reject the principle of equality under the law, including the Fourteenth Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They argue that legal equality, non-discrimination, and colorblindness are mere “camouflages” used to uphold white supremacist structures.

Opposition to meritocracy: Critical race theorists oppose meritocracy, especially standardized testing and competitive admissions in the education system. They claim that meritocracy is a mechanism to uphold racist structures and is derived from “racism, nativism, and eugenics.”

Active racial discrimination: Critical race theorists believe that the state must actively discriminate against racial groups that are deemed “privileged,” meaning whites and sometimes Asians. Critical race theorists support policies such as racial quotas, race-based benefits, and race-based redistribution of wealth.

Restriction of free speech: Critical race theorists believe that the First Amendment serves to advance the interests of white supremacy and systemic racism under the guise of freedom of speech. They argue that the government should restrict freedom of speech that is “racist” or “hateful.”

Abolition of whiteness: Critical race theorists believe that society should work to “abolish the white race.” Although they often insist that this means dismantling cultural constructions associated with white identity, this language often adopts tropes associated with race eliminationism.

Neo-segregation: Critical race theorists endorse a new form of racial segregation—often called “racial affinity groups” or “racial caucuses”—with separate meetings, facilities, living quarters, and training programs for whites and racial minorities. The assumption is that whites must “do the work” to address their “internalized racial superiority,” and racial minorities must be protected from invasive “whiteness.”

Anti-capitalism: Critical race theorists have adopted the core Marxist position of anti-capitalism, arguing that America is an “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” They argue that “whiteness, initially constructed as a form of racial identity, evolved into a form of property,” allowing whites to extend domination from slavery into the free-market society. The solution is to redistribute private property and dismantle the system of capitalism.

All nine concepts are racist. All nine concepts are rooted in false assumptions that do not comport with objective reality. All nine concepts are anti-American. All nine concepts have their existence only in the subjective reality of radical leftist activism. All nine concepts begin grooming America’s children—in kindergarten!—to become anti-American racists. If children are white, they are told they are oppressors, conditioned to feel shame, and groomed to feel inferior. If children are black, they are told they are victims, conditioned to feel anger, and groomed to feel superior. The racist political indoctrination seeded in kindergarten is cultivated all the way through high school and university.

Children graduating from programs designed to create divisiveness and anger are like pit bulls groomed for blood sports. Pit bulls were originally bred for bullbaiting. Now outlawed in most countries, bullbaiting was an extremely cruel sport in which several dogs attacked a tied-up bull until the poor animal collapsed from his injuries. Participating animals were wounded, killed, or eaten. Bullbaiting was done strictly for sport, and only the organizers profited from it.

So it is with critical race theory; only the leadership benefits from this cruel blood sport. Racial discrimination is loathsome and has been outlawed in the United States since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Racism was malevolent when it was practiced against blacks, and it is equally malevolent as it is being practiced today against whites. It is completely out of touch with reality to claim that only white people can be racist. Racism is racism, no matter who is practicing it. Critical race theory is racist indoctrination and an egregious attack on a child’s ability to test reality.

Republican senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is vehemently opposed to critical race theory. On July 12, 2021, Senator Blackburn posted a disturbing column on her website: “Why Is Critical Race Theory Dangerous for Our Kids?[iii]

For months, parents have raised the alarm about the left’s effort to brainwash our children by injecting Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the public school curriculum. One Tennessee mom recently warned Williamson County parents that her seven-year-old daughter came home from school saying, “I’m ashamed that I’m White.” Her daughter asked, “Is there something wrong with me? Why am I hated so much?” This reaction is reason enough to start asking questions, but those who have yet to investigate the tenets of CRT will be shocked to know that this child’s distress was the desired result of her lessons. If left unchecked, this mental and emotional trauma will worm its way into every classroom in America.

Although promoted as “anti-racist” civil rights education, CRT actively encourages discrimination. At its core, CRT segregates people into two main categories: oppressors or victims. The calculation is based solely on skin color. The tenets of CRT stretch far beyond the humanities. In some classrooms in Oregon and California, students operate under the understanding that “finding the right answer” in mathematics is racist. “Right” and “wrong” answers are deemed a product of white supremacy. The woke gymnastics required to reach such a conclusion would be amusing if this destructive ideology didn’t pose such a danger to education in America.

We can all agree that racism and discrimination are wrong and have no place in the classroom—but neither does racially motivated propaganda. In the U.S. Senate, I’ve been leading the charge for true equality in the classroom. I led legislation prohibiting federal funding of the “1619 Project,” which reframes American history in terms of racial conflict and oppression. I also joined my Senate colleagues in demanding that Critical Race Theory’s prejudicial influence be kept out of K–12 classrooms…

Children should not be forced to endure this latest round of revisionist history, but it will take more than letters and legislation to keep CRT out of the classroom. Parents need to keep showing up to school board meetings and reporting discriminatory conduct.

The last thing educators should be doing is encouraging our children to be ashamed of the color of their skin. That same Williamson County mom who warned about the dangers of CRT was left with no choice but to put her seven-year-old in therapy. Why? “She is depressed. She doesn’t want to go to school.” While parents struggle to help their children manage the mental and emotional damage inflicted by this dangerous ideology, the left will continue to rewrite our education system to fit their woke agenda—and they won’t stop until CRT is in every classroom in America.

In February 2020, North Carolina’s largest school district, the Wake County Public School System, held an equity-themed teachers’ conference with over 200 teachers in attendance that launched a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces.” A March 17, 2021, article by Christopher F. Rufo, published in City Journal, describes this “Subversive Education.”[iv] Epitomizing Marxist equivocation, the district’s antiracism narrative is wholly racist.

At the first session, “Whiteness in Ed Spaces,” school administrators provided two handouts on the “norms of whiteness.” These documents claimed that “(white) cultural values” include “denial,” “fear,” “blame,” “control,” “punishment,” “scarcity,” and “one-dimensional thinking.” According to notes from the session, the teachers argued that “whiteness perpetuates the system” of injustice and that the district’s “whitewashed curriculum” was “doing real harm to our students and educators.” The group encouraged white teachers to “challenge the dominant ideology” of whiteness and “disrupt” white culture in the classroom through a series of “transformational interventions.”

Parents, according to the teachers, should be considered an impediment to social justice. When one teacher asked, “How do you deal with parent pushback?” the answer was clear: ignore parental concerns and push the ideology of antiracism directly to students. “You can’t let parents deter you from the work,” the teachers said. “White parents’ children are benefiting from the system” of whiteness and are “not learning at home about diversity (LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning], race, etc.).” Therefore, teachers have an obligation to subvert parental wishes and beliefs. Any “pushback,” the teachers explained, is merely because white parents fear “that they are going to lose something” and find it “hard to let go of power [and] privilege.”

This isn’t an aberration. In fact, the district’s official Equity in Action plan encourages teachers to override parents in the pursuit of antiracism. “Equity leaders [should] have the confidence to take risks and make difficult decisions that are rooted in their values,” the document reads. “Even in the face of opposition, equity leaders can draw on a heartfelt conviction for what is best for students and families.” In other words, the school should displace the family as the ultimate arbiter of political morality.

The reformulation of American education into subversive education is evidence that the final stage of Outcome-Based Education, Transformational Education, is here. The goal of Transformational Education is to change children’s values, and critical race theory is the weapon of choice for American Marxists determined to collapse America from within.

The nuclear family is the societal infrastructure of our constitutional republic. Globalism, a binary sociopolitical system of rulers and ruled, makes no space for the nuclear family because it is a competing ideology. The globalist strategic plan is to destroy the American family in order to destroy America. The tactical plan is to divide and conquer. Subversive education is the weapon, students are the target, and teachers are the foot soldiers.

Subversive education separates children ideologically from their parents and creates family strife. Reformulated educational content replaces American meritocracy with racism and equal opportunity with equal outcome (equity). It foments family discord and race-based divisiveness. The war effort is facilitated by Marxist publishers of textbooks and teaching materials, and the radical leftist National Education Association of American teachers. The globalist War on America is being fought inside classrooms and inside your child’s mind, by a corrupt and politicized anti-American education industry.

Children are being conditioned to reject parental authority and accept the authority of government schools. The destructive seeds of Marxist critical race theory are planted in children’s minds to produce activist voters who will embrace anti-American racist ideology, collapse America from within with their votes, and then sustain the globalist Unistate ideologically.

Like pit bulls, your children are being groomed to fight for the benefit of the globalists. But in order to become indoctrinated, anti-American, activist voters, they must be deprived of the basic foundational educational skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They must become illiterate tools of the revolution, dumbed down and bereft of critical-thinking skills.

Children spend hours each day in the world of subjective reality created in their classrooms by activist teachers. Parents living in objective reality will necessarily be in conflict with their indoctrinated children, and with the teachers who are indoctrinating them. The world of objective reality is being attacked by the world of subjective reality on the battlefield of your child’s mind.

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