Make Sodom and Gomorrah Great Again

By: Cliff Kincaid

Republicans are now acting like Democrats as they sacrifice the lives of the innocent unborn in a desperate appeal for votes from feminist soccer moms who regard a “fetus” as an inconvenience. Meanwhile, Melania Trump is raising money for the “gay” Republican group, the Log Cabin Republicans, in an event scheduled for Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago.

“Make America Great Again” is becoming a Republican recipe for continued moral decline and destruction. 

Trump’s endorsement of the state’s rights approach to abortion means more abortions, on top of the 60 million that have already occurred. Indeed, since the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion-on-demand decision, abortions have actually gone up, according to a report from the Society of Family Planning.

We are told by the feminists that these were “unplanned” or “unwanted” pregnancies but abortion has become a rubber stamp for sexual promiscuity by terminating the unborn human life that results.

Indeed, for these people, abortion is birth control, which is what Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, an early supporter of “abortion rights,” intended. He wanted women to be sexually available for men. Hence, when they got pregnant, the babies had to be aborted.

Promoting Gay Rights

In the matter of the gay “lifestyle,” also supported by Hefner, former President Trump and his wife are active cheerleaders.

In December of 2022, former President Trump had himself hosted an event in honor of the Log Cabin Republicans’ 45th anniversary, featuring such “Republican notables” as former Ambassador Ric Grenell, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, and former GOP gubernatorial candidate from Arizona (and now Senate candidate) Kari Lake.

“We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,” said Trump. “With the help of many of the people here tonight in recent years, our movement has taken incredible strides, the strides you’ve made here is incredible.”

Conservatives are getting the message that their votes are being taken for granted.  

Indeed, as noted by Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth, “Perhaps it’s time for Trump to read the Bible rather than merely sell it. There he would find God’s clear truth revealed against homosexual practice as sexual sin.”

“It appears Donald Trump is escalating his pro-homosexual policies in advance of a possible second term,” LaBarbera went on to say. “By having his wife (a Catholic) host a fundraiser for a gay activist group at Mar-a-Lago, Trump is coming out of the closet as a social liberal, after selling himself previously as a conservative.”

Trump’s betrayal on the pro-life issue consists of defending extreme pro-abortion laws on the state level, in the name of state’s rights, and accepting abortion on the national level in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother.

The life and health of the mother always must be protected and defended. But human beings conceived in the rare cases of rape and incest are still innocent of any crime.  To kill them for the sins of their father is a perversion of the justice system. It constitutes the weaponization of the justice system against the most innocent and vulnerable.

Prosecuting Abortionists

On top of President Trump’s reversal, from pro-life during his first term to pro-abortion as he seeks a second term,  Trump and other Republicans are decrying an Arizona decision that a pro-life law on the books is still valid.

The law stated, “A person who provides, supplies or administers to a pregnant woman, or procures such woman to take any medicine, drugs or substance, or uses or employs any instrument or other means whatever, with intent thereby to procure the miscarriage of such woman, unless it is necessary to save her life, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than two years nor more than five years.”

The term “procure a miscarriage” means abortion.

It is being denounced as “archaic” but is a perfectly defensible effort to save the lives of the innocent unborn by holding abortionists accountable under the law. The pro-life group Alliance Defending Freedom argued for the Arizona law in court. 

Republicans like Trump and Kari Lake who said they favored a state’s right approach to abortion now say they don’t want this particular state law. Clearly, they are scared to death of offending the feminists and taking on abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood.

Regarding Melania Trump raising money for the Log Cabin Republicans, we have come a long way from the days when conservative icon Howard Phillips referred to gays as “anal sex practitioners,” a reference to how male homosexuals have sex.

LaBarbera notes that the Log Cabin Republicans is a gay activist group that supports homosexual “marriage” and other radical LGBTQ agenda items.

Cultivating the “gay rights” movement runs counter to President Reagan’s winning strategy of having a “three-legged” stool of political support – fiscal/economic, foreign policy, and Christian/social conservatives.  Reagan was elected for two terms.

With some self-described MAGA spokespeople already in favor of sacrificing Ukraine to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, jeopardizing the “peace through strength” element of the Republican coalition, the drift to the left on abortion and gay rights runs the risk of alienating conservatives and Christians.

We are seeing the same drift within major organs of the conservative media.

On Fox, Greg Gutfeld declared that “abortion, whether you like it or not — and I’m pro-life — it’s become an acceptable evil.” He advocated taking abortion “off the table,” which he claimed would enable Republicans to win votes and “be in power forever.”

But that “logic” assumes that social conservatives will continue to vote for the Republicans if their views are disregarded.  Perhaps they will decide not to vote.

At Newsmax, supposedly a conservative alternative to Fox, a top officer of the firm is Richard Grenell, a former Trump national security official who wants to use the power of the federal government to spread homosexuality to Christian and Muslim lands, a prescription for more conflict and wars.

Since he is still close to Trump, it can be expected he will get another top position in a second Trump administration.

Homosexual Imperialism

The former Acting Director of National Intelligence under Trump, Grenell’s interview on the topic of Gay Pride 2020 is still featured on the intelligence agency website, where he described working with the Harvey Milk Foundation to launch global campaigns to decriminalize homosexual activity. This started under Trump.

Before he went to Newsmax, Grenell was also Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to Germany and went to the United Nations to promote what he called a global initiative to force all U.N. members to approve homosexual conduct. He was joined in this demand by Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Kelly Craft, who lectured the 69 countries that have laws making homosexuality illegal. She told them that “human dignity” requires that every country on the face of the earth embrace the practice of homosexuality.

It appears to be a case of Grenell hijacking U.S. foreign policy for the benefit of his friends in gay groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans. A foreign affairs advisor to Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential campaign, Grenell has a same-sex partner and claims to be a Christian. Then, suddenly, he became a Trump supporter in 2016 and rose through the ranks.

Big money has been driving the push in the GOP to accept and approve homosexual conduct, a major source of the STD epidemic infecting America.

Years ago I wrote a major report on the homosexual infiltration of the Republican Party, driven in large part by financial hedge funds. It got no attention from Fox News, which has been part of the homosexual lobby for decades, having poured tens of thousands of dollars into the Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists. Peter LaBarbera’s report “Unfair, Unbalanced and Afraid,” on Fox selling out to the gay lobby, documents this trend.

Hence, while Republicans and some conservatives publicly denounce DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), they practice it in their politics and hiring policies.

“Sadly,” said Peter LaBarbera, “Trump has steered the GOP away from its socially conservative platform, even as he counts on the support of evangelicals and traditional Catholics to win in November. Far from Making America Great Again, Trump is contributing to our nation’s moral and spiritual decline.”

Under these circumstances, it can be argued, America can’t and won’t be great again.

Unless Trump reverses course, millions of Americans from his MAGA base will be alienated and dispirited and may not turn out to vote for him.


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