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Treasonous Chelsea Manning Releases First Campaign Ad For Maryland

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Maryland, you had better not elect this radical. He’s not only a traitor and mentally unstable, he hates cops and…

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Is there a single Democrat anywhere who gives a damn about America?

By: Doug Ross @ Journal We now have ironclad evidence that the Obama administration mounted at least two distinct and extraordinary efforts to weaponize government…

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The Original Sin by Obama was DACA

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard He admitted it. Obama said he was not a king when it came to the failed immigration reform legislation…

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DSA: ‘Single Payer’ Is All About ‘Rejecting The American Capitalist Way Of Life’ (VIDEO)

The movement for “single payer” or government run healthcare has nothing to do with your health. It’s all about stealth revolution, socialism and control. “Medicare…

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WATCH: Trevor Loudon’s movies – Exposing the enemies of America (Videos)

In 2017,  in collaboration with the Capital Research Center, Trevor Loudon and Director Judd Saul created a series of mini-documentaries made free to the public:…

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The Plotting Begins to Surface at FBI/DoJ

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Primer: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released Justice Department records showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did…

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Weekly Featured Profile – Scott Douglas Scott Douglas is an Alabama activist. He is Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries “a multi-faith, multi-constituency and multi-racial organization that provides emergency services…

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Is Vladimir Putin a communist?

Our most important article this year. The fate of all of us may depend on the answer. – Trevor Is Vladimir Putin a Communist? By…

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BIG NEWS: Congress WILL investigate Obama’s #Hezbollah Scheme

Perhaps CNN will finally report on it? Congress is “formally” taking steps to examine claims made in a ground-breaking Politico article alleging that in order…

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How Muslims and Marxists delivered Alabama for Doug Jones

Cross-posted from WND A coalition of Muslim and Marxist-led groups won the November 12, 2017 Alabama Senate election for Doug Jones. The activists consisting of…

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The Denise Simon Experience – 12/14/17

The Denise Simon Experience Hosted by DENISE SIMON, the Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence…

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Alabama Marxists ‘look forward to organizing for progress together’ with Doug Jones

Alabama’s Marxists are happy. Southern socialists are fired up. Mobile Democratic Socialists of America added this to their Facebook page last night, only minutes after…

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Turning Red States Marxist Red

By: Cliff Kincaid The Alabama win for Barack Obama’s candidate Doug Jones  confirms our thesis that Obama is running the Democratic Party and the anti-Trump…

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Christmas Appeal for KeyWiki from Trevor Loudon

May 2018 be the best year America has seen this millennium. My KeyWiki website, a 95,000 file database of leftists, Antifa, communists, security risk congressmen,…

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Russia Plans Alternate Internet, Condemns the West

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Primer: Capping off months of controversy, espionage claims and international intrigue, the U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software…

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