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Felonious Munk: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS

Non stop swearing, but $/%^^%* funny and &*))  ?> $& @% hard to argue with!

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“Britain is a Riot”

The always great Pat Condell on the recent British riots. Any Western policeman or upright citizen could relate to this.

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No Caption Needed

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Why Experience Pain, When You’ve Got “Spenditol”?

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“Mexico Came Here”

Multi-platinum selling country / pop music duo the Bellamy Brothers are fuming mad about the current illegal immigration situation in the United States. In fact,…

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Condell Slams the BBC!

Pat Condell in top form as usual. Don’t view, if the phrase “middle class, left wing pr…k” offends you – or if you are one!

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“All the Lib’ral People”

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Andrew Klavan: “Shut Up”

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Andrew Klavan’s Economic Smackdown: Paul Ryan vs. Barack Obama

The always great Andrew Klavan analyzes alternative solutions to the US debt crisis.

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Andrew Breitbart at the Right Online Conference 2011

Excellent speech from the inimitable Andrew Breitbart.

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Ronald Reagan Tells a Joke

Doncha just miss Ronnie Reagan?

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A Texan’s Answer to Welfare

Reportedly from the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, Texas, Nov 18, 2010. Put me in charge Put me in charge of food stamps. I’ll get rid…

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Klavan’s One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews!

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Ray Stevens on the “Obama Budget Plan”

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Pat Condell on the Death of Osama bin Laden

A little crass language and some points very well made. Pat Condell rocks!

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