Let’s Shout the Truth for a Change

By: Cliff Kincaid

‘“THIS IS LIKE A SHOUTING MATCH,” former President Trump said about Biden’s State of the Union speech, “EVERY LINE IS BEING SHOUTED.”

Trump’s Truth Social play-by-play commentary was amusing. But Biden’s angry tone can also be seen as a symptom of dementia. It sometimes happens with people losing their mental faculties. They lash out.   

Perhaps the only true Biden statement was that an “illegal” had killed nursing student Laken Riley. Biden has since expressed regret for using the term. He also mispronounced Laken’s name.

But Biden was clearly in command of his faculties when he was caught after the speech in an anti-Semitic outburst on a “hot mic,” saying the Jewish Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, needed a “come to Jesus moment” because of the war against terrorism in Gaza.  This was Biden’s effort to pander to the pro-Hamas wing of his party. He is worried about anti-Israel riots at the Democratic National Convention in August.

Clearly, Biden doesn’t want Israel to win the war, in the same way he doesn’t want Ukraine to win its war against Russia. Instead, he wants Israel to reward Hamas with another “Palestinian state” on its border, ready to wage another war on the Jewish state.

Biden, the “Catholic” President, stands with the pope, who just declared his preference for Ukraine to surrender to Russia.

At times, Biden knows what he is doing, telling his fellow Democrats during that hot mic moment not to repeat what he was saying. He knew or had to know, that the comments would be repeated.

This is an example of Biden’s anti-Semitism. He made the invasion of Israel possible through his financial support of Iran. He is prepared to sacrifice Israel for a few Muslim votes.

Regarding Biden’s frequent coughs, Trump said, “Don’t shake his hand, he’s been coughing into it the entire night!”

We must laugh or cry and sometimes it is better to laugh. However, Biden’s coughing could also be another symptom of his deteriorating physical condition.

In fairness, we also must laugh at those on “our side,” such as Tucker Carlson, whose UFO stories about cows being sucked into flying saucers and leaving mutilations and crop circles in their wake have now been officially debunked and laid to rest by a new and thorough examination of the UFO phenomena.

We can rest assured that the Anti-Christ will not emerge from a flying disc arriving in Washington, D.C.

Tucker’s “The truth is out there?” segments, as a flying saucer circled overhead, belong in the same category as the popular “conservative” belief that Vladimir Putin is a Christian nationalist battling the New World Order.   

In the infamous “Roswell incident,” as noted in the new report, “The alleged ‘alien’ bodies reported by some in the New Mexico desert were test dummies that were carried aloft by U.S. Army Air Force high-altitude balloons for scientific research.”

I admit I was a sucker in my youth, consuming such titles as “God Drives a Flying Saucer” and “Chariots of the Gods.” They were fun to read, like a comic book.  

But at a time when the world is experiencing two major wars courtesy of Joe Biden, in Europe and the Middle East, we have to remember that even the National Security Agency (NSA) spent precious time and resources on this scam, producing reports entitled, “UFO and Other Paranormal Information.”

The NSA was apparently monitoring UFOs rather than the Russians, as Putin engineered an invasion in 2014 after Biden approved that limited “incursion” that continues into its third year with hundreds of thousands injured or dead.

On Ukraine, Trump countered: “He didn’t stand up to Putin, he gave Putin Ukraine!”

Trump added, “He said I bowed down to the Russian Leader. He gave them everything, including Ukraine. I took away Nord Stream 2, he gave it to them! He was a Puppet for Putin and Xi, and virtually every other Leader!”

It’s time-consuming to go over all the lies in Biden’s State of the Union address. But one deserves comment — his reference to God when he declared, “Many of you in this chamber and my predecessor are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom.” He added, “My God, what freedom else would you take away?”

He is referring to the “freedom” to “choose” abortion and take away the life of an innocent unborn child.

This comes from Biden, who compared himself to Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves.

How many times do we see public service commercials about the need to save animals from suffering and cruelty? They air regularly on Fox News and other channels. We love our pets and want to save animals. But don’t expect any graphic public service announcements about the need to save unborn babies. 

Speaking of death and dying, during his attacks on his “predecessor,” Biden said, “The pandemic no longer controls our lives.  The vaccine that saved us from COVID is now being used to beat cancer. Turning setback into comeback.  That’s what America does.  That’s what America does.”

The vaccine was developed under his “predecessor,” and Trump on his Truth Social website took justifiable credit for it.   “YOU’RE WELCOME, JOE, NINE MONTH APPROVAL TIME VS. 12 YEARS THAT IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN YOU!” he wrote.

Unfortunately, some of Trump’s so-called “supporters,” concerned about the jabs being the Mark of the Beast, attacked Trump for his successful initiative.   They are Luddites who fail to realize that vaccines have been improved over time and today use mRNA technology. Vaccine mandates in the military are as American as apple pie and were used by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War to save soldiers from smallpox.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, producing anti-China virus vaccines in record time, is the one achievement that China Joe Biden won’t dismantle and in fact wants to exploit for his own political benefit. But Trump’s fair-weather friends won’t admit it, even as the mRNA technology is in fact being used to treat and prevent cancer.

The Chinese and the Russians are envious because the United States leads the world in this new technology.

I’ve written extensively about the life-saving vaccines, and I won’t convince anybody at this point who already believes they were part of a diabolical plot, rather than a defense against such a plot. My new report on “The Killing Fields of COVID in America” goes into detail about the death and suffering.

At this late date in the pandemic, which Biden erroneously declared was over, the Chinese Communists are laughing at us.

The virus is real, not a hoax, and was designed as a bioweapon designed to inflict damage on Trump’s re-election campaign and of course, the American people, more than 1.2 million of whom have died.

Although it is still dangerous and life-threatening, the data show a weakening of the virus over time, partially due to the vaccine, which lessened its impact but did not stop transmission. 

But the virus coming out of Hollywood is at epidemic proportions, as we saw in the Academy Awards presentation on Sunday night when the film “Oppenheimer” was given several Oscars. The film whitewashes the communist spying of Manhattan Project scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the activities of the communist spy ring working for Russia of which he was a part. Our report on the film exposes the lies.  

As someone who was a media critic for decades with Accuracy in Media founder Reed Irvine, I know how difficult it is for people to sort through the omissions, distortions, and lies that bombard you daily. Reed Irvine and I called it “Media Malpractice” in one of our books.  I have made it my mission to tell the truth, no matter who is offended by it.


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