The War Comes Home

By: Cliff Kincaid

We remember the sacrifices of our veterans as wars are continuing in Europe and the Middle East and a new war has broken out here at home. Communists and their Arab and Muslim allies have proclaimed “From Atlanta to Gaza” as a major “protest” against “Cop City” in Atlanta is now underway. “Bring the war home,” says one of their fliers.

“The mission to stop Cop City and the mission to stop Israel’s genocide in Palestine go hand in hand,” says another flier.

On November 4, I covered the anti-Israel rally in Washington, D.C. and recorded the names of the communist groups and individual Marxist-Leninists behind the event.

“From Palestine to Mexico,” said one of their signs, “all the walls have got to go.”

The first war began in Ukraine, when President Biden indicated a minor Russian “incursion” into Ukraine might be tolerated. But President Zelensky fought back, rallying his people for national survival and independence.

Calling the Jewish President of Ukraine a Nazi has to be one of the most successful Russian disinformation campaigns of the modern era.  The Russians raised the specter of Nazis in Ukraine to justify their invasion of this former Soviet republic. Incredibly, this claim was picked up by some so-called “conservatives” in the United States.

Now we understand the purpose of this Russian propaganda effort. It was not only to derail U.S. support for the people of Ukraine. It was designed to divert attention from the real Nazi problem in the world – the embrace of Hitler’s anti-Semitism by groups such as Hamas in Gaza, a territory next to the state of Israel.

After the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded, eliminating members of Hamas and confiscating their propaganda, including an Arabic-language version of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf.

Israeli news organizations have published photographs of Israeli President Isaac Herzog holding up a copy of an Arabic translation of “Mein Kampf” that was “found by IDF troops in a children’s room used as a Hamas terror base in the Gaza Strip.”

I turns out the real Nazis were in Gaza, awaiting instructions from their sponsors in Iran and Moscow.

As the Russians were conveying propaganda that Ukraine was dominated by Nazis, leading some people to question U.S. support for President Zelensky, the Russians were planning their next move. Their allies in Hamas, who take orders from Russian client state Iran, were planning the October 7 assault on Israel, leading to the war in the Middle East now underway.

Now, the United States must cope with Russian designs on Europe and the Middle East, under the “leadership” of China Joe Biden. And that raises the issue of what China Joe will promise Red Chinese dictator Xi when he meets with him in San Francisco.

It is apparent that Biden was trying to buy off Iran with billions of dollars in “humanitarian” aid and oil sales, thinking this would satisfy the Ayatollah and his Mullahs and lead to a “two-state” solution, with Israel next to a Palestinian state. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy the Ayatollah and his Russian sponsors. They seek the destruction of the Jewish state.

In the same way, it looks like the losers in the Biden Administration want to promise China the eventual conquest of Taiwan if they will only wait for a while. But it’s doubtful that the Chinese communists will want to wait. With two wars already under way, draining U.S. resources, it might make sense for the Chinese communists to mount their own invasion. That means more loss of life and the destruction of a free and democratic nation on Taiwan.

In other words, the second major war in the world, involving Israel, may be just the diversion the Chinese are looking for.

The Biden Administration is desperate, now pressuring Israel to agree to the “two-state” solution that has already proven to be a dangerous diversion. How on earth could Jewish leaders agree to such a “solution,” when the perils of having a territory on its own border that serves as a base for Nazi-inspired terrorists have already been demonstrated?

A separate state of “Palestine,” which can openly import arms from Moscow and Beijing, makes no sense, except from the point of view of those seeking the obliteration of the state of Israel. But this is the position and stance of the Biden Administration.

Biden’s meeting with Xi is also noteworthy for his failure to hold the Chinese communists responsible for the China virus that killed 1 million Americans.

The Republicans say the Biden family was paid off by China and other countries and that the evidence shows that the COVID virus came out of a Chinese lab. If so, why wait for more evidence to impeach President Biden? Isn’t this enough to prove the case?

Meanwhile, with the Cop City protest, another major confrontation is developing within the confines of the United States. It is another front in the Third World War.  Let’s hope and pray it is not too late to win.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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