Biden Is Stumbling Into A World War

By: Cliff Kincaid

As a 40-year veteran of the conservative movement, as someone who met Ronald Reagan several times and promoted his “Reagan Doctrine” of anti-communist action, I am astounded at how so many modern-day “conservatives” are taking the side of a former KGB spy in the Russia vs. Ukraine confrontation. This development represents the Russian infiltration of a movement whose defining characteristic was once anti-communism.

Almost as disturbing is Joe Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris at the Munich “security conference,” threatening former Russian President Vladimir Putin with a “swift, severe, and united” response if Russia attacks Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky  called this road “appeasement” and he knows who the real appeasers are. He also knows that “sanctions” have been too little too late, and that no sanctions will convince the Germans to terminate purchases of gas from Russia. That makes Germany into a gas station owned by Russia.

In truth, Ukraine has made its share of enemies in the West, as retired Lt. Colonel and “whistleblower,” Alexander Vindman, who was born in Ukraine, played a role in the campaign to impeach former President Trump, who did what the Obama/Biden regime never did – arm Ukraine with weapons to defeat invading Russian forces.

But going beyond partisan politics, which has kept some conservatives from coming to the aid of this former Soviet republic, one of the real experts on communist strategy, Christopher Story, wrote an important bookThe European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States: A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenin’s World Revolution, back in 2002. He understood what the Soviets/Russians were doing, with a special emphasis on Ukraine’s role.

What Christopher Story didn’t anticipate was the Maidan Square demonstrators in Kiev in 2013, who forced a Kremlin puppet to flee, and the dozens of spontaneous demonstrations around Ukraine, which knocked down dozens of Lenin statues. This made Ukraine a special Russian target and an example to the world of what a real anti-communist revolution could accomplish.

As such, true conservatives have to recognize and pay homage to the Reagan legacy, which always recognized the need for justice for Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, but also for those suffering under the communist/KGB comrades in Russia as well.

Today, even without an actual Russia invasion, the same alliance that started World War II is back in business.

Biden has treated Germany as an ally, a major miscalculation which has backfired in a big way. Trump, by contrast, was always suspicious of long-time German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her commitment to NATO. History shows that it was Trump who secured a $400 billion increase in defense spending from NATO allies by 2024, and the number of members meeting their minimum obligations more than doubled.

Incredibly, Tucker Carlson of Fox and others of his ilk are trying to blame the under-funded and German-dominated NATO for Russia’s threats, demonstrating the effectiveness of Russian disinformation. They seem to have forgotten how Russia stole Ukraine’s nuclear weapons in a flawed deal brokered by President Bill Clinton. That deal, the Budapest Memorandum, made it possible for Russia to rearm and to eventually invade Ukraine in 2014, when Joe Biden was Barack Hussein Obama’s vice president.

With Biden, a Democrat with corrupt ties to Ukraine who mismanaged our Afghanistan pull-out, now in power as president, these Tucker Carlson “conservatives” have in knee-jerk fashion taken the side of Vladimir Putin. His job in the old KGB days was managing communist agents, possibly including a young East German communist by the name of Angela Merkel, later to become Chancellor of a unified Germany. The new pro-Russia chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, carries forward this disturbing pattern and legacy.

This Russian-German alliance is a real threat that precedes the development of what Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky ominously called the EUSSR: The Soviet Roots of European Integration. Russia is coordinating its threats against Europe with the rise of Communist China in Asia and the continuing carnage of the China virus worldwide.

If “conservatives’ continue taking the side of our enemies, they will give the pathetic Biden the opportunity to cast himself as a decisive leader as we head into the fall elections.

These modern-day “conservatives” are a movement that threatens America’s survival as leader of the Free World and the Free World itself. Reagan would have nothing to do with these people. In fact, he would denounce and read them out of the freedom movement.

Thank goodness Tucker Carlson does not have much influence on the GOP. Republicans on Capitol Hill understand what is happening and do not want to wave the white flag of surrender. While opposing the deployment of American troops to Ukraine, which is not yet a NATO country, they have introduced the NYET Act, the Never Yielding Europe’s Territory Act. They have attacked the weakness of the Biden regime, noting that the Biden Administration “has yet to impose a single meaningful sanction in response to this blatant and ongoing aggression.” In short, these legislators are keeping Reagan’s anti-communist vision alive. Their bill would sanction Putin’s comrades and major banks BEFORE Russia further invades Ukraine.

On Sunday, activists gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to take part in the eighth annual vigil honoring fallen heroes of the 2013-14 Revolution of Dignity, and to petition President Biden for a stronger stance in deterring Russia. But even if what Biden calls an “incursion” comes, and there are reports that Putin has ordered a full-scale invasion, the U.S. may be forced into a Reagan-like posture of supporting an anti-communist insurgency on the territory of Ukraine. That would be the true conservative position. It would separate the Reagan conservatives from the phony Tucker Carlson variety.

The danger, of course, is that the Obama/Biden/Harris excuse for a U.S. Administration would bungle this as well, creating another no-win war that Democrats are so good at starting.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “Biden Is Stumbling Into A World War

  1. If Tucker Carlson was as much of a thorn (threat?) to the establishment as he is painted to be, and pretends to be, he would’ve been long gone from mainstream media. The deep state has been with us for many decades, but only just came out publicly within the past couple years – that alone should raise red flags. And with people like Carlson continually warning us about how evil the deep state is, day after day, it almost seems like reverse psychology to me, i.e., convince the people the deep state is getting ready to make its move, and the enemies of the state will reveal themselves on social media. And this tactic was reinforced (for me, at least) when it was revealed publicly that there is a national gun registry. Most of the people that support the Second Amendment (and our ENTIRE Constitution) already knew there was a gun registry just by default – there is no way in hell the government is going to force every individual to submit to a background check to purchase a firearm and not keep that information for future reference – government doesn’t work that way. (Especially a government full of Pelosies, Bidens, Obamas, Bushs, McCains, McCarthys, etc.) And the only reason we haven’t been run over like the citizens in China and elsewhere is BECAUSE we are an armed citizenry. But don’t think it can’t still happen, because we have a lot of oath breakers within the ranks of government, law enforcement, and the military – more than you could possibly imagine.

  2. Sorry Trevor, Cliff i disagree with almost entirely. I dont view him as a Conservative, but instead working for the Deep state. Dont trust him, i dont know why you have him on here. Perhaps ask God about it to remove the veil

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