America’s Survival TV On “Election Fraud”

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Attorney David G. Evans is an eyewitness to the election fraud which occurred in Detroit, Michigan. He talks with host Cliff Kincaid about the evidence, the court cases, and how President Trump can win this election in the end. Go to for evidence of fraud and click the “give” tab at the top of America’s Survival, Inc. home page to support our efforts in telling the truth and avoiding Big Tech censorship.


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2 thoughts on “America’s Survival TV On “Election Fraud”

  1. There is multifarious fraud: Domain, harvesting, multiple votes, dead people & illegals voting, drive thru voting with licensees matched w/ each person, licensees bought from China, coaching…people actually telling others how to vote, on and on not to mention Biden admission of FRAUD…….! I think ANY VOTER in any state that has Dominion computers etc. should DEMAND a RE-DO en masse and directed to Pres. Trump in a registered mail letter to White House….Pres. trump can use these letters in court….millions of registered mail should be sent to President Trump…1600 Pennsylvania Ave….

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