Jeffrey Epstein Celebrates Gay Pride from the Grave

By: Cliff Kincaid

Jeffrey Epstein’s deep and dark secret is out. He was a gay deceiver. Let’s remember this fact on Stonewall Day, June 26, as Barack Hussein Obama emerges from the shadows to celebrate the anti-police riots at the Mafia-run Stonewall Inn back in 1969.

The latest and best Jeffrey Epstein book, A Convenient Death, by Alana Goodman and Daniel Halper, strongly suggests that Epstein was a mastermind of a pedophile network serving the rich and powerful that involved gay blackmail, similar to the Lavender Mafia in the Roman Catholic Church that protects and rewards pedophile and predator priests.

This new book provides the circumstantial evidence that Epstein’s deepest and darkest secret was that he was a practicing homosexual and that, as sick as this may sound, his entourage of young girls provided a cover story that actually made him seem “respectable” to the movers and shakers in New York and Washington, D.C. Billionaires like Bill Gates associated with Epstein after he was convicted of sex crimes.

He may have been bisexual, but the book makes it clear that homosexuality, blackmail, and extortion were behind his initial acquisition of wealth and power. Later, Epstein used the young girls to provide blackmail material on other elites.

The title on the book cover has the word “convenient” separated by a hyphen to appear as “con-venient.” That means Epstein was a con man whose death was also a con, in order to make it appear he killed himself. Part of the con, the book suggests, was his reputation as a man interested in women and young girls. Epstein, one former associate told the authors, was ashamed of being gay and so had sex with women as part of a “supermacho” image he carefully cultivated.

The authors refer to the “Epstein scheme of providing young kids for the sexual pleasure of world elites,” citing a well-informed source. Notice the word “kids” rather than just girls. That’s not a slip. The authors cite a report that Epstein “liked boys.”

Whatever the ultimate truth behind the accounts of hiring young girls as prostitutes, which continue to be the subject of various lawsuits against his estate, the blockbuster revelations of this book begin on page 157 and relate to how Epstein, known to investigators as “the boyfriend,”  used his alleged sexual relationship with a major businessman to acquire control over some of his fortune. He then built up his own financial fiefdom that he used to spend money on transhumanist and technocratic schemes, some based at Harvard University.

With the assistance of high-powered lawyers such as Ken Starr, the special prosecutor who “investigated” the Clintons but covered-up the murder of Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster, Epstein protected himself and his network, serving only 13 months in a country-club arrangement at a local jail. He had the best lawyers that money could buy, as well as associates in such eminent organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission.

The “Convenient Death” book offers evidence that he used sex to acquire power and influence over others through blackmail. The authors cite Epstein’s relationship with a one-time CIA front company and add that Epstein “openly encouraged speculation that he was involved with intelligence agencies.” The implication is that Epstein used these sexual relationships, including homosexuality, to get what the intelligence agencies wanted out of his targets.

Trump is counting on his Attorney General, William P. Barr, to get to the bottom of the corruption. But Barr is a former CIA analyst whose own father had hired Jeffrey Epstein at the Dalton School “to teach the children of Manhattan’s leading families.” A college dropout, Epstein got the job even though he fudged his resume.

Goodman and Halper note that Attorney General Barr has vowed to investigate Epstein’s “co-conspirators” but we can see that nothing much is happening. They write that, “The so-called co-conspirators would remain uncharged and unnamed as of the time of this writing, despite there being ample evidence that Epstein had assistance in carrying out his crimes.” The implication is that people in federal agencies, perhaps some of Epstein’s blackmail targets, are stonewalling an accounting of Epstein’s crimes.

With Attorney General Barr celebrating gay pride at the Department of Justice and Trump’s former gay director of National Intelligence pushing to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism across U.S. spy agencies, we may begin to understand why the Epstein scandal is likely to stay buried with Epstein.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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  1. He was gay, I’ve known all along, it’s a f*ckboy club in it’s highest echelons. And what they did to have sex with guys is just a criminal, if not worse.

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