Acts Of War: Two Oil Tankers Attacked In The Gulf Of Oman… Iran Suspected

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

Yesterday, I heard that gas was going to drop sixteen cents a gallon over the next couple of weeks and I thought that was odd. This morning that was nullified because Iran decided to torpedo two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and you can bet that Russia and China were in the wings egging them on. The United States is saying the acts of war are ‘highly likely’ to be from Iran. Ya think? Oil prices immediately spiked four percent.

This is surely an opening salvo in an attempt at shutting down the Straights of Hormuz and to cut off international oil flow. As I understand from close friends, the US will probably not attack Iran directly over this… opting instead to attack them covertly to take out the subs that did this, etc. It’s a good thing it wasn’t left up to me. I would have counseled them to attack Iran right now and take out whatever facilities they could while having special ops teams eliminate their leadership – or at least those they could get at. Hit them hard when they least expect it because believe me we are now in a hot war and many will die if we fail to act.

The Norwegian-owned MT Front Altair had a fireball explode from their decks as they were torpedoed. It caused three explosions and the crew was forced to abandon ship. The Taiwanese oil refiner which chartered the Marshall Islands-flagged Altair said the ship was ‘suspected of being hit by a torpedo’. Sailors on the Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous also had to jump ship after it was hit by another explosion. The owner says the ship was hit twice over a three-hour period. A limpet mine is suspected. The attacks have left the Middle East on high alert and on the precipice of WWIII.

This happened just weeks after Saudi tankers were attacked in a mysterious act of sabotage off the UAE coast which Washington believes was the work of Iran. Iran admitted those attacks and it doesn’t take a military genius to see they are behind these escalated attacks as well. Warning that the Gulf’s waters are ‘becoming unsafe’, tanker industry chief Paolo d’Amico stated that “the oil supply to the entire Western world could be at risk” as 30 percent of the world’s crude oil passes through the area.

A note that you aren’t hearing on the news… the cargo of both tankers belong to Japan and Shinzo Abe just happened to be in Tehran at the time of the attacks. Makes you go ‘hmmm’. And some might recall the 1980’s tanker wars with Iran – this is old-hat for the regime. And of course, Iran is denying they are behind the attack… instead pointing the finger at the US. Saudi Arabia is calling it a ‘major escalation’. We can all be thankful none of the crew members on the two ships were killed today.

Abe warned yesterday that the tense Middle East standoff, which has seen furious exchanges between America and Iran, could lead to an ‘accidental’ war. Accidental? There’s nothing accidental about any of this. Russia said it was too early to say who was behind the explosions. No, it’s not and Russia is working in tandem with Iran on these attacks. Where there is evil or chaos and death… Russia is not far behind.

The Japanese owner of the Kokuka said the ship’s crew were rescued by a Dutch vessel, then taken to a US warship in the Fifth Fleet. Iran said its search and rescue teams had picked up the 44 sailors from the two ships and had taken them to the port of Jask. I don’t believe them. If they had, they would have taken them hostage and would be holding them now. The ship’s 21 crew were picked up by the nearby Vessel Coastal Ace, leaving the tanker adrift and empty after an engine room fire. They had been en route to Singapore.

The Iranians also claimed the Altair sunk but again, it didn’t. Its crew of 23 were picked up by nearby vessel Hyundai Dubai. The crew was made up of 11 Russians, one Georgian and 11 Filipinos, International Tanker Management said. The Altair had been loaded at a port in the Gulf with a petroleum product known as naphtha and was on its way to the Far East. The cargo was worth more than $30 million.

Commander Joshua Frey, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said his command was ‘aware’ of a reported incident in the area. The fleet received one distress call at 6.12 am local time and another one at 7 am and the guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge offered assistance.

From The Daily Mail:

“Japanese trade minister Hiroshige Seko said there had been ‘Japan-related’ cargo on board the vessels. Japan, a U.S. ally, is was big importer of Iranian oil until Washington ratcheted up sanctions.

“Meanwhile Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov cautioned against blaming Iran.

“‘Lately we have been seeing a strengthening campaign of political, psychological and military pressure on Iran. We wouldn’t want the events that have just happened, which are tragic and shook the world oil market, to be used speculatively to further aggravate the situation in an anti-Iranian sense,’ he said.

“UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the world cannot afford a major confrontation in the Persian Gulf region.

“Speaking to the security council today he demanded that ‘facts must be established’ and said: ‘I strongly condemn any attack against civilian vessels’.”

Last month after other attacks and warnings, the US deployed B-52 bombers and the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to shore up its military presence in the region. That was after Iran-backed Houthi forces claimed responsibility for sabotaging Saudi oil tankers in the Gulf of Yemen. Saudi and UAE officials were tight-lipped about the extent of the damage but pictures showed at least one tanker with a hole in its hull. Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels attacked a Saudi airport, wounding 26 people yesterday as well.

The expected sabotage sent tensions soaring in the Middle East as the US blamed Iran and its allies for the attack which divers said appeared to be the work of magnetic explosives. Matters worsened after two pumping stations on a major Saudi oil pipeline were attacked by explosive-laden drones.

All of this is to strike back at the US for bailing out of the horrific deal Obama struck with Iran and to get even for the US calling for worldwide sanctions against the largest purveyor of terrorism on the planet. A confrontation is coming and soon with Iran and the media is not even reporting on it much… they instead opt to do fake news on going after Trump officials. None of that will ever materialize but they are hoping to keep Americans distracted from acts of war in the Middle East. The winds of war are blowing.

Inferno: A fire rages on board the oil tanker MT Front Altair after it was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman today, in what has been described as a torpedo attack
Smoke pours from the Norwegian-owned oil tanker on Thursday after it was hit by an explosion near the UAE and Iran in an apparent attack which has put the Middle East on high alert

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2 thoughts on “Acts Of War: Two Oil Tankers Attacked In The Gulf Of Oman… Iran Suspected

  1. On May 8, I linked on my Facebook page a May-5th-New York Times article titled “Citing Iranian Threat, U.S. Sends Carrier Group and Bombers to Persian Gulf”, adding as a personal comment of mine: “Military conflict looming on the horizon! Let us hope that Trump, Shanahan, Pompeo and Bolton know what they are doing – as they could just as well be sleepwalking into World War III…”

    As indeed the decisive question may well not be whether the Trump administration’s collision course against Iran is justified, but whether it is a wise thing to embark on – at a time when even top U.S. military brass openly admits that America, right now, would not be in the position to fight a large-scale war against Russia or China, let alone both of these (communist) powers combined, which both support Iran.

    To gamble in questions of peace and war necessitates precise knowledge of all relevant factors involved. But Pres. Trump even believes in a “China card” to be played in dealing with North Korea. Does he understand that Russia and China may possibly be laying one trap after another for him to finally walk into – so a communist-desired global war can be triggered, with the United States easily to be blamed as the “aggressor”? America no longer is the leading military power in the world. But for some mysterious reason, its leadership acts as if it still were. But is there anyone close enough to the President to remedy this dangerous disconnect?

  2. Two days ago there was a story about two Iranian ships blown up in a Iranian port but that story has now hard to find? Why?

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