The Political Drip Method

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard

While the Democrats in the House and Senate are demanding, voting and threatening subpoenas to get their hands on the full Mueller report, the report is not required by law to be provided to members of Congress.

AG Bill Barr is working with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller himself to review hundreds of pages to determine what can be released as AG Barr has pledged to do. Meanwhile, many of these Democrats are lawyers themselves and know full well Barr has to follow the law. The demands they are making are unlawful unless a judge\ makes a ruling that the entire report, without redactions, can be released. That is hardly a likely occurrence.

So, the Republicans in cadence with the Justice Department can play the drip method, the political drip method actually.

As long as we are talking about releasing documents, how about releasing documents we have all been more than curious about regarding past scandals?

This could make some of those Democrats really squirm, sounds great eh?

Surely there are more documents we want such as the real story on that pesky GSA spending scandal or more Benghazi stuff. Are there documents we are not aware of regarding Hillary’s emails and the Obama White House? Hey, we can’t forget Solyndra, can we? Yikes, there is the matter of releasing the Taliban 5 in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. Documents on that too? YES.

Who ordered John Brennan to spy on legislative staffers on the torture files? Adding in another, what about the unmasking and Samantha Power or Susan Rice?

No doubt you, the reader can think of others. So in response to Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff or Kamala Harris, it is time for quid pro quo right?

How about declassifying those documents and releasing them to the public on a scheduled political drip method about once a month? We can watch them all squirm.


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