Reminder: Trump Is Only Human

By: Lloyd Marcus

Despite a billion dollars’ worth of negative press to destroy Trump before he was elected — over 500,000 lying articles claiming that Trump colluded with Russia and the Deep State’s $30-million illegal investigation, Trump has miraculously survived.  Incredibly, Trump has stayed on offense, laser-focused on making America great again.  The treasonous anti-Trump coalition is frustrated, hatefully consumed with creating Kryptonite to take down this political Superman.

While he has performed like a man of steel, Trump is only human.  Ninety-two percent of media reporting on Trump is negative.  How much abuse can this man take?  It is vitally important that We the People assure President Trump that we have his back.  Tea Party Express launching “Tea Party for Trump” is divinely timed

Sarah Palin was a conservative warrior, an answer to the prayers of Christians, conservatives, and Republicans.  I still remember the joy and excitement I felt hearing Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech to run as John McCain’s vice president.  Palin was bright, bold, and beautiful, unembarrassed to stand up for principles and values that have made America great.

Immediately after Palin accepted the V.P. nomination, the American left launched a no-holds-barred campaign to destroy her.  Palin’s entire family, including her Down syndrome toddler son, were high-tech lynched by fake news media.  Every word out of Palin’s mouth was spun to brand her crazy, stupid, or racist.

This is exactly the same tactic Democrats and their minions have used to keep Trump’s approval below 50%.  The same way leftists viciously attacked Palin’s family, actor Peter Fonda said Trump’s 12-year-old son should be caged with pedophiles to be gang-raped.  Whose family could endure such vile, relentless hate?  The American left decreed commenting on Obama’s family out of bounds while declaring it open season on attacking the families of Palin and Trump.

Despite the Mueller Report concluding that Trump did not collude with Russia to steal the presidency from Hillary, NeverTrumps and Republicans maintain a safe distance from Trump, halfheartedly supportive of his America first agenda.  Once again, I am reminded of our side’s disloyalty to Sarah Palin.

Making sure that none of the excrement fake news media showered upon Palin splashed on them, conservatives and Republicans distanced themselves from Sarah Palin.  Word in conservative and Republican circles was that Palin had become politically toxic.  Frustrated, I thought, “So this is how we treat our friends and courageous warriors?”

Trump does not play by any of Washington, D.C. elitists’ rules.  Trump drives them nuts.

The assault on Palin pales in comparison to what Democrats, fake news media, Hollywood, NeverTrumps, RINOs, and the Deep State are doing to president Trump.  Every day, this man awakens to face a tsunami of media lies, distortions, and the narrative that Americans hate his guts.  None of Trump’s remarkable, unprecedented achievements for We the People is reported.

Trump is despised by the American left because he is effectively blocking its mission to transform America away from the vision of our Founding Fathers, rooted in biblical principles.  Another reason Trump is despised is because he is a man of the people.  Leftists and political elites are shallow, ruled by surface appearances.

For example, New York Times columnist David Brooks absurdly said seeing Obama’s perfectly creased pants told him Obama would be a great president.  Obama was a master of what we in the black community describe as “jive talkin’.”  Whenever Obama gave one of his incomprehensible, rambling answers, his fake news media sycophants were enraptured.  They would interpret the brilliance of Obama’s superior intellect to us commoners.

The Bible says, “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).  When Trump speaks, leftists and political elites are appalled.  In contrast, We the People see, hear, and connect with Trump’s heart — his love for America and his sincere commitment to serving her best interest.

God has a hedge of protection around Trump.  Millions of Christians are praying for him, which I believe is the source of Trump’s remarkable strength, endurance, and focus.  Still, Trump is only human.  Anti-Trump resisters relentlessly attempt to character-assassinate him 24/7.

Trump needs to hear daily that we appreciate his courage and that we are solidly standing shoulder to shoulder with him.  We must help Trump keep America great in 2020.

Lyrics from the song “One Day at a Time”: “I’m only human.  I’m just a man.  Just give me the strength to do every day what I have to do.  Lord, help me today; show me the way one day at a time.”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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