The Green Killing Machine And The Red Jihad

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

The media have their narrative: the New Zealand mosque shooter was a gun-toting Trump supporter who hated Muslims. His “manifesto” declares, “The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.” This looks like a case of Red Jihad.

The media have been pressuring the high-tech companies to destroy the evidence about what this killer really thought about current and world events. They do not want us to investigate this matter without them filtering the information. I located a copy of his so-called “manifesto.” Try to find it. Let me know if you find it. Email me at Kincaid@comcast.netIt will give you an insight into his mind-set.

He was not a conservative or a Christian. He was a self-proclaimed “eco-fascist” who admires Red China.In China, they put Muslims in camps. Rather than do this, law enforcement should do a better job of monitoring Jihadist sermons within the mosques and closing down those mosques which facilitate violence and murder. Our FBI should do a better job on going after the enemies within using mosques to plan attacks against Americans.

The New Zealand mosque shooter says he was motivated in part by the murder of an 11-year-old Swedish girl, Ebba Åkerlund, who was killed by a truck on her way walking home from school by a “asylum seeker” and Islamic State recruit who had been ordered deported in 2016. But the New Zealand mosque shooter favors killing children in his own murder spree, as long as they are Muslims, and has no regrets.

I suspect a foreign intelligence service is behind the New Zealand mosque shootings. Indeed, the New Zealand mosque shooter looks like a Russian plant, designed to further the Marxist dialectic of constant struggle and conflict. He reminds me of the “fascist” Turk who shot Pope John Paul II and was under the control of the KGB.

He declares himself to be a fascist and asserts “Green nationalism is the only true nationalism.” He hates capitalism.

As you know, however, the media are trying to link him to Trump or “the right.” That’s typical of reporters who know nothing and won’t bother to find out. His only reference to Trump is to declare him a symbol of whiteness. Of course, Trump is white.

I repeat: as you can see, there is a full-court press to identify him as a Trump supporter and right-winger. All of this is false.

The killer took a legitimate complaint about foreign invasions of Western countries and transformed that into an argument for communist control of society on environmental grounds. It’s all in the manifesto.

This is why left-wingers in the Big Tech companies are so desperate to take down the killer’s postings on the Internet. They will show that he was one of them – an eco-fascist.

The killer was trying to appeal to the right and left and is a personal mix of all of these different ideologies, in order to promote further destabilization of society.

He should be given the death penalty after a trial. But his “ideology,” such as it is, needs to be scrutinized and explained. He declares himself right-wing and left-wing at the same time. This is how Vladimir Putin works, depending on the left-wing socialist and communist parties while appealing to the right-wing “nationalists.” Angela Merkel has been his agent, destabilizing Europe through a mass Islamic invasion of refugees.

Since the killer clearly used the Internet to assemble his “manifesto,” we can anticipate a renewed effort to “crack down” on various sources of information said to be linked to his extremism. 

The killer explains that when “I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.” Now he favors “Green nationalism.” All of this is in his manifesto. He says mass murder of Muslims happens when Western governments don’t protect their populations from “foreign invaders” and Islamic terrorist attacks. He declares that “a violent, revolutionary solution is the only possible solution to our current crisis.” Hence, he serves the interests of the communists.

He says he hopes his mass murder will result in a crackdown on gun rights in America, in order to provoke gun owners, leading to more revolution. He says he has given up on peaceful change and democratic means.

He also says he is not a conservative, as “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.” He adds, “Conservatism is dead. Thank god. Now let us bury it and move on to something of worth.” He would not say if he was a Christian or not, “That is complicated. When I know, I will tell you.”

For more, consider the work of Mark Musser, the author of “Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrificial Offering of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust”Nazi Oaks explores the Nazi roots of the radical environmental movement. Musser notes, “The beastly nature of the Holocaust is best understood through the barbaric naturism of the Nazis, rooted in a racially charged ecology that would not be undone until all the smoke from the great battlefields and gas chambers of World War II was cleared.”

Watch Nazi Oaks And “Hitler’s Green Killing Machine” – America’s Survival TV With Cliff Kincaid.

Speaking of revolutionaries, listed here are the official endorsers of Saturday’s “Hands Off Venezuela” National March on Washington that will take place at noon. As you know, I am opposed to U.S. intervention in Venezuela, because there is no non-socialist alternative to Maduro. It’s a big mess that can get bigger. The communists oppose intervention because they support Maduro.

As Jeff Nyquist argues in our recent video, Red Jihad, Border Wars, and Nuclear War: Can America Survive?,we should rely on neighboring countries such as Colombia and Brazil to lead the way.

Speaking of the left-wingers and the communists, look at some of these signatories:

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3 thoughts on “The Green Killing Machine And The Red Jihad

  1. Deep State CIA operation IMHO
    Look at who was in New Zealand coincidentally 5 days prior. It’s a strange thing, but mildly noteworthy: New Zealand news channel interviewed John Podesta on March 10, 2019. The former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton was on his first trip to the nation to warn them that Russia and China would try to interfere in their 2020 elections. He called New Zealand a “big juicy target” for cyber intrusion. Five days later, on the Ides of March, was the New Zealand mosque massacre.

  2. This has highlighted for me (the attack) that it is indeed the socialists & Chinese that have benefited most from the religious division.

    If we go back to the late 19th century this is when the plans were laid.

    It is Islam not China that was destined to rise again as the predominant power. They have the heritage & the oil money.

    Christians & Muslims clearly have much in common in the belief structure and its origins.

    The US has been so influenced by atheism & socialism that it has been used to sabotage religious unity by attacking Islam.

    A unity that would have easily defeated socialism and communism.

    Instead of a religious convergence the communists concocted the political convergence to counter it.

    So instead of a new Islamic renaissance and along with it cooperation and harmony with the west – we see a destroyed Islam and a collapsing west that has been used to destroy its greatest potential ally in the war against atheistic socialism.

    Instead we have the Chinese colossus with Russia’s nuclear arsenal covering its back.

    A smile on your face & a knife behind your back.

    This plan had to be initiated from the onset of the communist revolution.

    1. I have to update my own comment: First up while religious unity is a great idea lets face it its not gunna happen.

      History being what it is.

      Currently the response in NZ to the terror attack looks like Stockholm Syndrome. People wearing Hajab’s and chanting allah aqaba?

      Islamic terror attacks are currently taking many hundreds of lives per year. They are well organized and funded. Then throw in all of the murders and rapes by muslim immigrants not counted as terrorism. The death count is thousands.

      Right wing attacks I would be very surprised if there are 100 deaths per year globally.

      Criminal gangs have capitalized upon the publicity in NZ and are being embraced by the media. Perth news referred to the Black Power gang as a community group and NZ police are guilty of letting these gangs proliferate.

      The truth is they have infiltrated the military & police in NZ and these are ethnic criminal gangs guildty of rapes & murders for 50+ years.

      Most of the members are polynesian.

      So its Stockholm Syndrome being conjured by the left in its psyop against the western public.

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