The “Joys” Of Marijuana, Murder, Mental Illness, And Mayhem

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Will President Trump resist the demands of the paid-off politicians for marijuana legalization on the federal level? California’s far-left Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris says marijuana brings “joy” to people and it should be legalized nationally. But Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, California, says the Mexican drug cartels are moving into California under the cover of legalization, producing death and destruction in the Golden State and “exporting” these problems to the rest of America. Lopey, once the target of a bribery attempt by a marijuana producer, cites evidence and studies linking marijuana to mental illness and violence. He supports the Border Wall and urges President Trump to expand resources for law enforcement. “The federal government has to stand strong” against legalization, he says.


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1 thought on “The “Joys” Of Marijuana, Murder, Mental Illness, And Mayhem

  1. Imagine taking all of the problems caused by alcohol and multiplying it x2.

    That would be cannabis legalization.

    The law is conditioning. Its simple & for so long the punishments have been inadequate.

    Like alcohol mild cannabis use causes mild problems in adults. But a mild problem in 10 million people is no longer mild.

    Heavy cannabis users which is still many hundreds of thousands, if not more people, have serious mental problems to deal with.

    Just as alcohol is a gateway drug for teens to cannabis. Cannabis is the gateway to meth.

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