Trump Navigates the New World Order

By: Cliff Kincaid

President Trump accuses his enemies of McCarthyism. But anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy had many of the same enemies Trump has.  And McCarthy’s fate may teach Trump a lesson.

Not one to embrace the “New World Order” of the late former President George H.W. Bush, Donald J. Trump has disavowed many of the elements of world government put in place by Republican and Democratic presidents. That has made him an enemy of the globalists. Trump withdrew the U.S. from Barack Hussein Obama’s Paris climate agreement, a wise decision considering that the COP24 climate change conference, which is now underway, is set to consider “a global tax on CO2,” as if a life-giving gas is somehow a pollutant. This is to be expected from a global United Nations bureaucracy that treats life-killing abortion as a basic human right.

“We are committed and active in bringing about a revolution in thinking, policies, and lifestyles, to address these new challenges,” says the Socialist International in its “global call for a sustainable world society – before it’s too late.”

But facing enemies within, the Trump Administration recently released an alarmist climate change report that President Trump said he rejects. The report was written in part by an Obama holdover in the federal bureaucracy and used material funded by one of Trump’s political enemies, billionaire Tom Steyer. Trump’s enemies will use the report against the Administration’s America-first economic policies at the COP24 conference now underway.

Analyst Natalie Grant wrote about this years ago, noting that “…protection of the environment has become the principal tool for attack against the West.” In her 1998 article, “Green Cross: Gorbachev and Enviro-Communism,” Grant explained in detail how a communist campaign, using the climate as an organizing tool, was launched after the so-called collapse of the Soviet state, when Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet president, embarked on an environmental crusade, using the United Nations and other international organizations. Eventually, this effort, part of the so-called New World Order, continued through various United Nations conferences, giving rise to the concept of “sustainable development,” another way to describe socialism. We see this campaign reflected in the current COP24 conference and the socialist blueprint called the Green New Deal, introduced by the new socialist member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As that moves forward, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is promising to increase funding for the United Nations, provide amnesty for illegal aliens, and offer the radical LGBTQ “Equality Act” in the new House.

As the late President George H.W. Bush is being hailed as a compromiser with the Democrats who abandoned his “No New Taxes” pledge, we can anticipate pressure on Trump to make deals with the liberal-left. Trump’s current retreat on the border wall is not a good sign that he understands his current predicament. Trump is now demanding a paltry sum of $5 billion for some kind of barrier but had previously sought $25 billion.

One of Trump’s original supporters, columnist Ann Coulter, tells Breitbart News that the Republican Party is “just at the point of extinction without a shot” being fired due to massive illegal and legal immigration to the country. She predicted that Trump, if he fails to follow through on the Wall and restrict immigration, will be the last Republican president because of demographic changes. She notes that the Democrats “have already flipped California” from the days when it was Republican and are now in the process of flipping Texas and Florida and various other states.

Like the faulty climate models which supposedly predict global warming, the numbers of illegals are arrived at by what the “experts” call “mathematical modeling.” Trump was honest during the campaign, saying, “Our government has no idea. It could be 3 million. It could be 30 million.” Yale researchers estimated there were 22.1 million illegal aliens in the United States. Another researcher, James H. Walsh, formerly an Associate General Counsel of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, estimated as many as 40 million in an analysis published in 2007. Whatever the number, if they’re legalized, the Republican Party is finished as a force for conservatism.

But more than America’s political future and two-party system is at stake. The lives of our fellow citizens continue to be taken away by these invaders. One of those illegals, identified as 25-year-old Darwin Martinez-Torres, just plead guilty to the June 2017 murder of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen. The illegal alien, who was reportedly a member of the El-Salvador-based MS-13 international criminal gang, beat her with a baseball bat and “raped her while she lay unconscious and dumped her body in a pond,” one news account said. Having ripped-off the United States by illegally entering the country, he will now get life in prison, at taxpayer expense. This will cost taxpayers $27,462 annually. The cost of the victim’s life cannot be calculated.

President Trump has righty called members of the gang, which has more than 40,000 members internationally and 10,000 in the U.S., “animals.” Andrew Ford of the Asbury Park Press of New Jersey just wrote an eye-opening article about the activities of this gang in New Jersey. In Massachusetts,  six members of the violent, transnational organization were recently charged with a racketeering conspiracy that included the murder of a teenage boy in a city park where children play.

The border wall has been justified in the name of keeping bad people out of the country as well as discouraging drug smuggling through the southern border. However, the illegal drug lobby now wants to legalize these drugs north of the border and are doing so on a state-by-state basis. Indeed, former President Barack Hussein Obama, a heavy drug user, and his Department of Justice set this process in motion, with the assistance of pro-drug groups financed by George Soros. It turns out that Obama backer Soros, the main funder of the drug legalization movement, is in business with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, and they are working with libertarian billionaire marijuana investor Peter Thiel to pass a bill to protect the dope industry from federal anti-drug laws.

Concerned parents, victims of illegal drugs, and drug policy experts are now pleading with President Trump not to buckle to the Big Marijuana lobby and exacerbate the problems caused by Obama’s soft-on-drugs policies. Incredibly, former Republican House Speaker John Boehner is lobbying on behalf of nationwide legalization and  RINO Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado claims to have Trump’s commitment to back new national legislation co-sponsored by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren to officially allow marijuana legalization without interference by federal authorities. This can only create millions of more stoners voting for Democratic politicians promising more drugs at cheaper prices. Some will end up getting treatment under Obamacare. Others, like Richard Kirk of Colorado, will go crazy and kill. He’s serving 30 years in prison for eating a marijuana edible, having a psychotic reaction, and shooting his wife to death.

Trump’s willingness to sign a piece of liberal jailbreak legislation, known as the First Step Act, is also troubling. The bill is supported by Marxist Van Jones, a former Obama official, and opposed by many law enforcement groups. It will enable liberal judges to cut sentences for violent drug users and traffickers. Haven’t liberal judges – or what Trump calls “Obama judges” – caused enough problems already without giving them more power in the name of “criminal justice reform?”

Jones was actually invited into the Trump White House to meet with Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner. On the other hand, conservative and law enforcement groups trying to support law and order find it difficult to get their voices heard.

The left-ward drift of the Trump Administration on “criminal justice reform” and drugs illustrates the failure of the Trump Administration to hire strong conservatives and purge Deep State operatives operating right under Trump’s nose. Clearly, Trump has been betrayed by his staff, some of whom have jumped ship to write books and go on TV or radio for big fees. His lawyers have given him bad advice.

At the G20 summit, the White House appeared to hold firm, issuing a worthwhile document noting that Trump’s economic policies have resulted in the United States seeing historically low unemployment and strong economic growth. However, Trump signed a new NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that he calls the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The new NAFTA includes some beneficial changes to the original but leaves the basic trilateral structure, a form of transnational regional government, in place. Equally significant, new provisions, inserted by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, include protections on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Looking back in history, McCarthyism is not a dirty word but something to be studied and understood. While Trump and Joe McCarthy share many of the same enemies, McCarthy had a better undestanding of who they were. In the end, however, McCarthy took on a powerful Deep State agency — the CIA — and lost.  J.C. Hawkins, author of Betrayal at Bethesda, notes that McCarthy faced strong resistance in wanting to investigate the infiltration of the agency by Soviet and Chinese intelligence operatives. Three years after he was censored by the Senate, McCarthy went into the naval hospital at Bethesda, Maryland, with a knee injury on a Sunday afternoon and was pronounced dead five days later from acute hepatitis.

Will Trump meet the same fate as McCarthy? As he navigates the legal demands of Russia-gate prosecutor Robert S. Mueller and threats of impeachment by the House, Trump’s presidency and even his life will be in danger. He will need all the friends he can get so he must not betray or alienate the millions of people depending on him. He will need to be able to spot enemies disguised as friends.


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