Another Newspaper Announces Censorship

By: James Simpson | Daily Headlines

I wrote the following letter today to the Hudson, Wisconsin Star Observer following its publication of a column titled “We will not be the vehicle for hate.” Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Media Matters for America and many other blatantly Left-biased organizations, they have decided to take a principled stand against “hate.”

Not really. Instead, they are simply announcing their excuse for abandoning even paying lip service to the notion of free speech. Make no mistake about this. It is a nationwide movement to shut us all down in the interests of the extreme left and their radical Islamist allies. Read on.

To the Editors:

I was interested to read your recent column: “We will not be the vehicle for hate.” All well and good, but I would ask, how many column inches do you give to organizations like CAIR and their representatives or other leftwing groups like the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center, who regularly label people they simply disagree with as “bigots,” and “Islamophobes.” Another column, by Meg Heaton, that you say “echoes our sentiments exactly,” claims others are “entitled to their opinion but not their own facts.”

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