On Immigration: A simple question that stops the conversation

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The practice of “catch and release” amounts to “open borders.” According the White House, “only 3.5 percent of UACs [unauthorized alien children] who are apprehended are eventually removed from the U.S.” For leftists, there is evidently no longer a difference between “legal” and “illegal” immigration. That is why the simple question is impossible for so-called immigration activists to answer honestly without betraying their open borders ideal: “Do you distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?”

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Andrew Hoberek  and Jeffrey Insko are both university professors that will not answer the simple question: “Do you distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?” Not to pick on these particular leftist academics, as one will find that anyone who bashes America’s immigration policy quite literally will refuse to answer this question.

The question leaves them in quite a conundrum. If they say that there IS a difference, then they are obliged to agree with America’s immigration policies, which they have been deriding as racist, xenophobic, etc. But if they say that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration, they are exposed for being for completely open borders. Even if they are not for completely open borders, they would be vulnerable to attack by fellow open borders leftists and could even be called *gasp* racist or xenophobic by their associates.

In academia and in the mainstream media, the fall from grace is far and swift. The left is bound by their own impossible rules.

Try asking this question to “immigration” activists on Twitter. The answer is always (always!) either A.) Silence or B.) Obfuscation. Case in point. Jeffrey Insko is an “Associate Professor & Coordinator of American Studies” according to his biography at Michigan’s Oakland University. The good professor evidently agrees with fellow comrade and (of course) English Professor Andrew Hoberek of the University of Missouri that America’s current immigration policy includes “concentration camps where children are sexually abused.”

See this revealing Twitter exchange:

This author could not help to jump in with some photos taken by Rep. Henry Cuellar in 2014, challenging the good professors to find an example under the Trump administration that comes close:

Professor Insko scoffed in the standard condescending manner familiar to thoughtful conservatives:

Professor Insko may not be an “uncritical” worshiper of former President Obama, but he does regularly troll the current President Donald Trump with witty banter fitting of his stature:

Professor Insko is also not a fan of Rep. Luke Messer.

Not surprisingly, Insko’s colleague Professor Hoberek expressed his desire to rid the world of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security, which would empower even more illegal immigration, the seeming goal of these evident open borders advocates.

Professor Insko perked up at this author’s assertion that the abolition of ICE would lead to America’s demise:

To which I responded (clearly):

Anyway, this author decided to ask The Question.

This is the key question and one will never be answered by the likes of the two professors.

This is where it gets good. Let the obfuscation begin!

No response, so I tried again:

This is where Professor Hoberek revealed his superior English skills by referring to me as a “troll.”

Professor Insko then deflects to claiming that I never answered his question (that I answered above) about how unencumbered illegal immigration would lead to America’s demise. I responded.

And as of this moment, that is the end of the discussion. Not once during the entire exchange was the simple question answered: “Do you distinguish between legal and illegal immigration?”


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