#FakeNews: Is Jay Kaganoff really Jay W. Cobb?

“[Jeff] Flake was a Tea Party conservative before there was a Tea Party. And when the Tea Party arrived, he watched in despair as it made something ugly out of his cherished principles.” – Jay W. Cobb

Jay Kaganoff wrote an OpEd for the Washington Post yesterday urging “fellow conservatives” to call on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to resign.

The “conservative” writes in part:

“Those of us on the right could use a reckoning, too. Obviously, Donald Trump has no business being president; I opposed his candidacy and I oppose his presidency, so I don’t need to reiterate that further. The same is true for Roy Moore. But I’ve been thinking about Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, and I think it’s time conservatives seriously reconsider our continued support for Thomas in light of his past.”

But who is Jay Kaganoff? Why is the Washington Post parading him about as if he was some type of conservative spokesperson? After researching and finding precious little information about Jay Kaganoff (and a hat tip to J. Michael Waller for his tweet that got the wheels turning), we smelled a rat.

For a “freelance writer” to have zero social media presence and no articles to be found online is a bit odd, mais non? An astute commenter tipped us to the fact that Jay Kaganoff may actually be Jay W. Cobb. This is by no means confirmed and the commenter did not describe what brought him to this conclusion, but a bit of digging certainly presents a compelling case.

Jay W. Cobb, founder of “The Buckley Club” on Medium, appears to have deleted his Twitter Account and his entire body of work at Medium the day before the Washington Post article was published.


On his since-deleted Twitter account, Cobb described himself as a “Flake-Graham Conservative.” A Flake-Graham Conservative?? How many “Flake-Graham Conservatives” do you know? Cobb appears to come from the “Bill Kristol” school of conservationism, otherwise known as a “democrat.”

Some quotes from Jay W. Cobb, conservative extraordinaire (links to since-deleted cached articles):

  • “[Steve] Bannon has ties to avowed white supremacists…”
  • Basket of Deplorables…We say we want someone who tells it like it is. But when they do we say they are out of touch, they didn’t understand the working class. Racism. Xenophobia. Misogyny. Cruelty and insensitivity….And it was all true. It was always true.

Jay W. Cobb has every right to his opinion. But if it is true that Jay Kaganoff is really Jay W. Cobb, it is concerning that the Washington Post published an OpEd the day after virtually all of Cobb’s damning content was scrubbed. Was it Cobb’s idea to hide his perspective? Or did the orders come from the Washington Post?



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