Thanksgiving With a Dollop of Politics on the Side

By: Lloyd Marcus

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I caught two police drama TV shows in which a young woman called her man her “partner” rather than her boyfriend. I thought, “That’s weird. Why didn’t she simply say her boyfriend?” Then, it dawned on me. Homosexuals use the term “partner”. So now Hollywood producers are telling us we must be what they call “gender inclusive”. We must abandon traditional gender distinctive terms like boyfriend and girlfriend. This is yet another under-the-radar baby-step by Leftists to implement the LGBT agenda.

Some of you are saying, Lloyd you’re nuts, seeing conspiracy everywhere. Okay, explain to me why boyfriends are now called partners. Public schools are banning teachers from addressing students as boys and girls. Leftists claim saying boys and girls is bigoted, ignorant, insensitive and mean.

Ground zero for the gender obsession and anything goes sexually movement sweeping our country is the democratic party. Amazingly, 77% of college educated democrats say gender is not determined at birth.

Think about that folks. 77% of college democrats say if you believe penis means boy and vagina means girl you are an idiot; an intolerant haters. They are also saying God’s original plan for males and females is wrong and they will use government to force us into submission. An elementary teacher who can not decide her gender was awarded $60k because co-workers refused to call her, “they”. It is crazy out there folks.

Other than noticing women calling boyfriends partners, watching TV Thanksgiving weekend was refreshingly void of Leftists’ indoctrination.

My wife Mary said, “Oh no, Matt Lauer, is hosting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”. Thankfully, Lauer did not interject digs at Trump or lecture us. Leftists use Thanksgiving to scold us. They say while we stuff ourselves with turkey and pumpkin pie the world that we stole everything from is suffering. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick spent Thanksgiving at an “Un-Thanksgiving” rally to continue telling us Americans what scumbags we are.

Leftist president Obama used Thanksgiving to beat up on us for not going along with him bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees. This was on the heels of the terrorist bombing in Paris. The suicide bomber sneaked into Paris in a group of refugees.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was household and fun to watch. Although, I expected to see the first LGBT float. Threats of large-scale violence forced the Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade to included LGBTs. Note that the St Patrick’s Day parade is a Catholic event. Leftists love forcing Christians to abandon their religious convictions.

I deserve a Husband-of-the-Year award for allowing Mary to drag me to a ga-zillion stores black Friday. She really enjoyed and appreciated it.

As a black man, I am highly offended that they call it “black” Friday. Just kidding. But it is pretty crazy the way Leftists find ways to see victims and racism in everything and everywhere these days. I read an article in which a Leftist declared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches racist. I kid you not folks.

Taking a break from my overflowing with testosterone movies like “Die Hard” and “John Wick”, I watched a Christmas movie with Mary on her beloved Hallmark Channel. For the most part, the movie featured traditional values and themes; boy meets girl and so on. Dare I admit that the happily ever-after ending felt good and made me smile. Then, I watched Stanford kick Notre Dame’s butt; 38 to 20.

Mary noticed that her Hallmark Christmas movie marathon featured few blacks. I think it is because Hallmark has mistakenly bought into Leftists’ image of black America, thinking their movies are too traditional and wholesome to attract a large black viewership.

As a black American, practically everything I see Hollywood marketing to black Americans has a rude, crude ghetto cultural edge. BET (Black Entertainment Television) programming celebrates raunchiness.

Leftists at Oxygen channel were excited about giving black America their new reality show titled, “All My Babies’ Mamas”. The show featured black rapper Shawty Lo who had 11 children by 10 black girls. Thank God the show was canceled due to black outrage.

As a matter of fact, Leftists say blacks who do not reflect “the hood” in their speech, behavior and dress are traitors to their race; trying to act white. I remember Leftists trashed The Cosby Show for featuring a successful wholesome black family in America. Leftist deemed the TV show unrealistic.

Ponder that folks. Dr MLK, Jr, my dad and other black civil rights pioneers/heroes fought, suffered and some even died for blacks to have an opportunity to rise above poverty, ignorance and “the hood”. Praise God, blacks are thriving in every area of American life today. And yet, Leftists are persistent in grabbing blacks by the ankles to make sure they do not stray too far from their ghetto roots.

I had a delightful Thanksgiving weekends folks. I am thankful for my amazing wife of 40 years, thankful for our new home in West Virginia and thankful that Donald Trump is in the White House.

Go Judge Moore Go!!!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


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