Democratic Socialists of America comes out of the closet

A Democratic Socialist is a Socialist is a Marxist

While the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have always been openly “socialist,” they certainly downplayed their blatant Gramsciist Communism during Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid. “Democratic Socialism,” they would tell us, is not “socialism,” but rather euphemistically, capitalism with just a bit more of a public safety net. After all, they would explain, America already has socialism to some degree and it is quite popular. Look at “Social Security” and Medicare, they would say.

While Trevor Loudon always knew that there is absolutely no difference between “democratic socialism” and “socialism,” DSA was much more evasive. But now that the 2016 election has passed, the Democratic Socialists of America are much freer to be themselves.

This matters, because as Trevor pointed out, as of April 5 2017, DSA has 20,000 dues-paying comrades.

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Author: renee nal

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1 thought on “Democratic Socialists of America comes out of the closet

  1. The baby of four kids (growing up in the 50’s & 60’s) and we learned this way: If politicians want to get rid of God and family, if they want to control the money in order to “spread the wealth”, if they want to control the factors of production (land, labor, capital), then that politician is Communist/Socialist/Fascist. The only question now is, can America be saved??

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