The U.S. Has Had A Russian Problem Of Espionage For Decades

By: Denise Simon |

What is terrifying and pathetic is the Obama White House and both Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have been stooges of Putin….groveling for normalcy just as they have with the regime of Iran. This is an administration that is normalizing relations with all terror regimes across the globe that include North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Hillary said thatBashir al Assad of Syria was a reformer when 400,000 Syrians are dead and 4-5 million have left their homes. Then, we all remember that the Obama White House negotiated with Qatar to released 5 Taliban commanders in exchange for one Army deserter. Talks have been ongoing with the Taliban for years until just recently.

But back to Russia….before the hacking, to sway and or interfere with U.S. elections.

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No one is admitting that Russian in cadence with WikiLeaks has hacked Hillary’s campaign systems, DCC and the DNC as well as other government systems. Why? Perhaps diplomacy due to talks continued talks with Iran and ending the civil war in Syria. Remember that ‘red-line’ on chemical weapons use.

So, let’s go back a way, like over a decade and up to just a couple of years ago when it came to Russian spies in the United States, shall we? This is for perspective and how the Obama administration including his National Security Council and the State Department continue to ‘omit’ history…

Espionage continues and tactics have not changed for Russia where cyber intrusions have replaced in country operatives, however a look at those operatives’ skills and missions must not be overlooked or dismissed.

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Let’s begin with Anna Chapman, the Russian spy.

DailyNews: Sultry former Russian secret agent Anna Chapman ended an exchange with NBC News almost before it began when she was pressed about her playful Twitter marriage proposal to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Here is the official criminal complaint and summary of how the FBI tracked her actions filed in 2010. The file also includes an additional spy Mikhail Sememko. This actually began in 1990….yes 1990.

But actually there were 8 more Russian spies and this is the criminal complaint for that case. What is fascinating here is the many stopovers in Latin America…..

The spying spree finally came to its end in the summer of 2014, when the trio were propositioned by a self-described investor who wanted to develop casinos in Russia. The scheme immediately drew red flags among the group, with Sporyshev offering that the proposal felt “like some sort of set-up.”

But despite his misgivings, Sporyshev didn’t stop Buryakov from meeting with the supposed investor, who was, in fact, an FBI informant.

For six hours on Aug. 28, Buryakov and the informant met in the anemic gambling metropolis Atlantic City. The informant, who claimed he had a well-placed source in the U.S. government, handed Buryakov documents that were labeled “Internal Treasury Use Only” and contained a list of Russians who were essentially blacklisted from doing business with the United States.

The valuable document earned the informant another meeting that day, when he offered Buryakov another official document that contained “a list of Russian banks… on which to impose sanctions,” according to the criminal complaint. More from DailyBeast.

Then there was a dead Russian, Mikhail Lesin. found in a hotel in Dupont Circle, Washington DC. A story that came and went real fast.

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Mr. Lesin was a major figure in Russian media after the fall of the Soviet Union, first as an advertising executive and later as a top government official and media executive.  

He had deep connections to the Russian state at the time Mr. Putin was reasserting his authority over the country’s rambunctious and freewheeling media. He was a crucial figure in that process, which began with the takeover of Russia’s first independent television channel, NTV, in the early 2000s, and was viewed with bitterness by many Russian journalists at that time.


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5 thoughts on “The U.S. Has Had A Russian Problem Of Espionage For Decades

  1. to the Eugene Sadomskiy family egene cosing too meny problem in jewish commune traten kill every person who want talk to him he said his wife inna have tatarian mob connections if we will catch him egene may go down

  2. The sanctions against Putin seemed to happen when discussions of duplicity were at a peak. When many sites were openly calling Obama & the Dem’s communist stooges.

    Certainly Putin was in a very different position 3 years ago.

    However if another leftist government gets in the US itself may become the greatest threat to democracy.

    Dramatic events will still unfold in the next few years anyway as the economy implodes & global warfare continues to escalate.

    1. American left, right, democracy… The geopolitical surrender has its own logic. According to that logic, any economic and other bla-bla-bla sanctions – per se – should not even been started. Those who indoctrinate Mr.Trump seem to be sober-minded enough.

  3. “Espionage continues and tactics have not changed for Russia where cyber intrusions have replaced in country operatives…”

    Whatever the deeper sense of this otherwise contradictory statement, it still touches upon the crucial HUMINT factor as not being replaceable by any cyber manipulations (anyway, those still are humans who command computers in the end, not v.v.). The “target contingents” on any side can still be subject (or vulnerable) to the famous MICE (Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego). So how does that malicious creature appear these days?..

    For those even less advanced than myself, point by point: Russia (or China if you like) may provide funds (anytime, anywhere); it already has developed sort of new ideology; coercive measures have never been Russia’s weakest point; as to Ego – reread parts of the Holy Bible for eternal truths about humans…

    1. Sure, all that is even more complex. As Cmrd. Mielke put it once: “Let them – i.e. the other side – do what they wish, they’ll never be able to change the female psychology”. And he was right!..

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