The Panama Papers – In The Beginning There Was Putin

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |


Looks like Vlad got caught big time with his mitts in the cookie jar. In the largest financial data leak in history, we are getting to see just how corrupt Vladimir Putin and his inner circle of cronies are. It’s revealing to say the least. It’s a dirty dozen of world leaders who are using offshore tax havens to hidey hole their wealth. But as in all things secret, the light of day is shining into the buried coffers of power brokers. Good times.

And Putin is far from alone… a cadre of celebrities, sports stars, British politicians and the uber wealthy of the planet are all mired in this scandal. Welcome to the Panama Papers. This is a collection of 11 million files or so that contain data to kill for. It makes Edward Snowden look like a rank amateur by comparison. But this wasn’t a hack… it was a mass collection of documents and data.

The leak is originating from one of the world’s most secretive entities… the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca. In the dirt dug up, the firm is exposed for helping clients launder money, dodge sanctions and evade taxation. Among their clientele are megastars Jackie Chan and Lionel Messi who have invested their millions offshore. Chan is a big fan of communist China. The whole story is like a movie come to life… it’s also revealed that 26 million pounds that was stolen during the Brink’s Mat robbery in 1983 was possibly funneled into an offshore company set up by this firm.

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4 thoughts on “The Panama Papers – In The Beginning There Was Putin

  1. Just a warning only (see the introductory entry).

    Not any relation to US, UK, EU, NZ or ABCD security concerns.

    Nothing to do with anything. Just a war:

    1. Oh, following the well-earned reprimands just arrived, still no responsibility for non-Pushkin (-Tolstoy, -Shakespear, – Oscar Wilde) expressions along the footage either. Sorry, sorry.

    1. Holy crap, that is right out of Vladimir Lenin regime. That is not about ‘fighting terrorism and organized crime.” Hell, Putin IS terrorism and organized crime. Have you ever know anyone who has worked in Russia? The Russian mofia, mostly comprised of Putin’s ex KGB and their progeny, run that entire country. What this is, is a version of the Checka, which was established from the very outset of what would become the Soviet Empire. What came next is what we know as the Red Terror. Putin has said from the beginning of the fall of USSR that he ‘missed Mother Russia’ and would one day see it rise again. Watching what Putin has been doing just since 2009 in Europe alone? Yeah, the writing is all over the wall in big, bold RED paint. The existential threat from Putin is 100X worse than an Islamic Caliphate ever could be. But if that isn’t bad enough, just wait until the Communists and the Islamists once again join forces, more so than what they already have been doing. And then? Add Communist China into that mix.

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