Democrats lied, people died: massive WMD stockpiles existed in Iraq

By: James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner

Saddam takes credit for 9-11 Truth and Consequences
Saddam takes credit for 9-11
Truth and Consequences

The New York Times is now admitting that WMD always existed in Iraq, they were discovered many times, even injuring our soldiers, but the despicable leftists would crucify anyone who told the truth. So people lied to save their own skins. “Bush lied, people died,” as the slogan went. But the liars are, were and have always been the Left. Chief among them was presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. I wrote about all this as far back as 2005. The entire episode is a disgraceful example of just how vicious, selfish and dishonest official Washington and its media minders can be.

Consider: back in the 1990s, both Bill and Hillary Clinton swore up and down that Saddam Hussein had WMD. John Kerry and other assorted Democrats followed suit. That was the narrative of official Washington. But when Bush opted to invade Iraq – not merely because of that threat, but for many other equally justifiable reasons as well – suddenly they all became scoffers at the whole notion. They began to beat the drum “Bush lied, people died.”

At the center of that narrative was the testimony of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife, CIA analyst Valerie Plame recommended him for a WMD “fact-finding” mission to Africa. The assertion was that African governments were selling yellowcake uranium to Saddam. They were and they did. The lying and disinformation spread about this issue could fill a book. I wrote three separate articles trying to describe it all. I gave up after a while there was so much duplicity. All among the Left, including the disgustingly dishonest Joe Wilson, a has-been who never was, trying to ressurect some kind of career, and his wife, who knew better.

People should be in jail, but in the Left’s world they become heroes. Meanwhile, Americans died while Democrats lied – relentlessly doing everything in their power to disrupt the war and hobble Bush for strictly partisan reasons, while our armed forces were forced to deal with their rampant interference.

Never let Hillary Clinton, and anyone who would support her, forget.


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