8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Nails it at CPAC “Morning in America”

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    1. TEAM 2016 DREAM TEAM

      Ted Cruz – President
      Allen West – Vice President
      Rand Paul – Secretary of the Treasury
      Sarah Palin – Secretary of Energy
      Jim Bridenstine – Secretary of Defense
      John Bolton – Secretary of State
      Mark Levin – Attorneys General
      Special Prosecutor (Obama Corruption) – Trey Gowdy
      Dr. Ben Carson – Secretary of Health and Human Services
      Governor Rick Perry – Administrator of the EPA
      Trevor Loudon – Director of National Security Agency
      David Barton – Secretary of Education
      Michelle Malkin – Press Secretary
      Glenn Beck – Chief of Staff
      Supreme Court Nominee – Mike Lee
      Supreme Court Nominee – Dinesh D’Souza
      No One – Ambassador to the United Nations

      Hat Tip: Trevor Loudon (Author: The Enemies Within)

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