Marxists Discuss Tea Party “Right”

Two Marxists from Democratic Socialists of America discuss the Tea Party “right.”

They are scared, because they understand the Tea Party’s power better than the Tea Party does.


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8 thoughts on “Marxists Discuss Tea Party “Right”

    1. Spending cuts? We raise the baseline of spending by $1 trillion frickin’ dollars in 2009, and now any modest drawback (a decrease in the percentage of the projected increase is a “cut”) is called drastic or draconian. This is the insanity of the whole situation. The federal spending is at all-time non-wartime highs, as a percentage of GDP. The spending is INSANE, and they call the Tea Party extremists. Why aren’t these Marxists who want to drive the constitution, the government and the economy into the ground are the REAL extremists. These Marxists are calling for more “stimulus”, and a quicker death to the ailing patient.

      1. yes, i see the error in my sentence “Why aren’t these Marxists …” It was supposed to say “Why aren’t these Marxists who want to drive the constitution, the government and the economy into the ground called out for being the REAL extremists?”

  1. If they want to be Socialists why don’t they just move to a country that is Socialist. There are surely many of them to pick from. Why do they have to try to change a country that does not want Socialism. The reason they stay here is because capitalism has given them a nice life. They want their cake and eat it too. I will gladly pay for a one way ticket for you both to France or some other country that suits your warped ideology much better than America. You should really be ashamed. Taking advantage of all the bounty the US has to offer and trying to destroy it at the same time.

  2. “Political Will” does not drive economic growth, entrepreneurship and the incentives derived from capitalism is what drives growth. Why would anyone make the effort and take the risk to develop an idea just to have “the people” reap the benefit of her work? How does that even make any sense to you?

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