Even Without Bread, We Must Have Circuses

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

America in her Falling Down moment, has become surreal in the extreme. Whatever you do, vote next Tuesday or it’s done. Period.

The Telegraph – Atlantic City’s venerable old boardwalk smashed to pieces and deposited inland in tangled piles of lumber

Do you recognize your country anymore? The strong, moral, baseball, apple pie and red, white and blue home of the free, has become a debauched, freeloading, violent cesspool and Obama is just itching to finish what he started. If he is reelected next week, he’ll get his wish. Want to see what America looks like if you bring it all down? If he is reelected, you will get your chance and you will wish you never had. It will most likely be your dying wish. An American apocalypse that was entirely avoidable. But you can take comfort in this… we’re running marathons in the midst of death. Resident Evil is in the White House and he is laughing.

Earlier this week, I heard from clients back East. It was unreal. 40 foot boats across tracks, power outages, no gas, no food. Roving wolf packs of teenagers, looting, murder, death, violence… It’s like a scene out of some post-American episode. And it may well be. Cops stood by as stores were looted; people are boarding themselves in to survive the thugs and Bloomberg is doing the vital work of organizing the New York Marathon. Because you wouldn’t want to upset the elite, don’t ya know. People can jog through Staten Island and enjoy the view of destruction, starvation and death while they get their running groove on. My God… those human and economic resources used for this ‘let them eat cake’ moment could have brought the power back on somewhere, brought water to those thirsty, fed those dumpster diving for a morsel. Bloomberg, you are a jackwagon of epic proportions. New York, if you reelect this insane scumbag, you deserve him. He’s soooo busy making sure there are three people per car, mobilizing the military and arranging voting in military vehicles, people seem to not notice that that is perilously close to martial law. If you reelect Obama, you will see this everywhere and Americans WILL fight back. It’ll make the Civil War look like a frigging cake walk.

Meanwhile, Hilda Solis is celebrating the raised unemployment rate of 7.9% (which is a joke – the rate is 14.7% and that is not real either – it’s more like 25%), by handing out candy to the media. Un-freaking-believable.

And Obama who ‘never leaves a man behind,’ unless of course it is your ambassador in Libya, a techie and two SEALs, is sticking to his word. He’s leaving whole cities behind to rot in New Jersey and New York. The media is not covering the ravaged countryside after Sandy or the coverup in Benghazi. Obama’s Pravda is in full fake news mode. The Red Cross doesn’t bother showing up, but can pay their CEO almost 1 million a year in pay and bennies. People come all the way across the country to help, but are turned away because they are not freaking union. Grrrr!!!! If there was justice, all these assholes would go to prison and/or be executed. Get food, ammo, guns, water and gold/silver. Giddy up folks – your lives depend on it.

Obama’s shutting down two-thirds of our power plants, mandating insurance no one can afford and will not help those who need it, taxing us out of existence and raising food and gas prices that will bring on more starvation and unemployment. Damning us all to a hell on Earth. Last call is Tuesday America – you damn well better show up.

I told my husband, if we have to crawl through broken glass and boiling oil, we will vote for Romney/Ryan first thing Tuesday morning. Please vote. Please get to the polls and make sure your vote turns up as you intended. Watch the polls and the pollsters. Fight – we need each and every one of you.

Obama and the media keeps telling us everything is okay even though we can see plainly it is not. The lies and corruption are never ending and I fear many will fall for the deceiver’s clarion call. He’s putting on a show to mesmerize America into walking off the cliff. Even without bread, it would seem we must have circuses.


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3 thoughts on “Even Without Bread, We Must Have Circuses

  1. America is done for no matter who gets to sit in a chair in a building that’s is suppose to give its people god given rights these rights where stripped away long ago just a few pieces still there to be plucked and they will be plucked all the kings men of lucifer are funny g for this chair two stand out why they are the perfect storm to finish us off and the real leaders are sitting around having a fine cigar and fine wine just smiling why prophecy will be fullfilled and then the judge will hold his trials and set the punishments out lets look at the blind people who wrote this article and how many more same ones who write for Obama side these individuals have no true faith in god at all only lucifer fits there agenda Obama well great puppet did a fine job for the ruling club Romney well up and coming star a plus Freemason in a Masonic church man made loyalty well it is lucifer and his handlers not America so we have in each corner without are consent the great picks for taking orders and caring nothing about god or country both are losers for us and a third pick well Ron Paul was to aggressive cannot have that would mess up final plans already in process to much behind already towards are goals for the Nwo lucifer is getting to nervous must but it in high gear many many souls are going to be caught falling like snowflakes into hell I end with truth god is the choice no man picked by lucifer start repenting even you so called special journalist who have blind dreams

  2. ha, great comments…

    Where is Obammie and his hugs NOW, eh?

    he’s off LYING to his peeps, and they LOVE to be lied to… on the re-election trail…

    Sandy is O’s Katrina…

    but the marathaon must occur…? what a joke O is …. and those Democrat unions will be SPEEDY and helpful to get all things cleaned up and power restored, pronto (riiiiiiiight)

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