“Big Sky Country” Trevor Loudon Speaking in Montana

After three days in London, England, I couldn’t be in a more different place… Montana.

“Big Sky Country” is as beautiful as I imagined and the people are just as friendly.

I’m speaking at three events here:

  • Friday, Oct. 19: 12 noon, Billings Pachyderm, Elks Club, 934 Lewis Avenue
  • Friday, Oct. 19: 7-9:15 p.m., Billings, Holiday Inn Convention Center
  • Saturday, Oct. 20: 1 pm, Bozeman, King Tool, 5350 Love Lane

Hope you can come along.

Next stops Wisconsin – Appleton and Madison.


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7 thoughts on ““Big Sky Country” Trevor Loudon Speaking in Montana

    1. God love ya, Trevor, for what you are doing. I so wish I could have met you in Billings, but I will look forward to your next trip. I’m sure you met my lovely activist, conservative neice who lives there. My family roots are in Montana and my Dad always called it “God’s Country”.

  1. I would have loved to be in Billings, MT.to meet you and hear you speak. A real favorite city of mine, but too far away from me in Oak Harbor, WA. and Liberal state.

    Will you ever come to Idaho? They are a red state. I have friends there and would go on a holiday for a few days if I knew you would be in town.

    I am keeping tabs on your travels and praying for your message to reach out to many undecided votes.

    Thank You again for all of your hard word that you invest in American. Some friends wonder why you do it. I tell them, that you believe America is the last stop for freedom and if America goes down in smoke, so will your country of New Zealand. I hope I gave them the answer you would have given them…

  2. Thank you for sharing Romney’s speech last night! It was fun to laugh for a change. However, even in the laughter, I realized that Romney was making some very truthful statements!!!

  3. Trevor,
    Great message to America. Thank you for all you are doing to try to save freedom for our world. I met you in my state and have read your book and I do Praise the LORD that HE has rasied you up for such a time as this.

  4. Welcome to Montana!! Unfortunately, we can’t be at your presentations -sure wish we could be there. Thank you for your work & helping us learn the truth. Enjoy your time in our wonderful state!!

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