4 thoughts on “Yes He Is! “The Unvetted”

  1. To Dana…No elected candidate is vetted by the government at any level, including at presidential level. never have been.

    Employees and appointees are vetted.. not elected officials. the election itself is the only vetting process..unless done by the nominees own party with private investigators.

  2. The thing that worries me a lot is that sharia law and communism have the same track records with regard to rights. I believe BHO has communist tendencies but he wants statist control of businesses in order to have someone to blame for the failures his economic policies have been. I also believe that he favors Muslims over Christians, Jews, Buddists, Hindus and all other religions. His goal, which receives enormous support from George Soros, John Podesta, the U.N., the Clintons, as well as Henry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, remains a world government and the destruction of the life as we have known it as Americans. They must be stopped in November.

  3. All I want to know, plain and simple is, was President Obama vetted(?) if so by what branches, when, who was involved, and what results of that vetting are we able to know about (if any). Just once and for all someone go on record and state specifically “President Obama was not vetted by the FBI, the NSA or the CIA as part of a credible background prior to being nominate to the Presidency.” If that can be factually proven that it didn’t occur, then all the other so called facts, might bear examining in a more serious light, but once again, the crux is that. This video from Cliff Kinkaid while it’s a nice show, and purportedly does present facts about the president, doesn’t come out and categorically deny his vetting, something which I find impossible to believe, that a man cold run for President and not be vetted.

    1. Is it the constitutional or other official responsibility of any government agency to vet presidential candidates?

      For sure it is the responsibility of voters to pay attention to the information that is available and make informed, intelligent, not emotional decisions as to who to vote for. And it is the responsibility of the media to present a balanced view, something the mainstream media stopped doing. Fortunately we now have electronic media such as bloggers like Trevor and independent investigative journalists with organizations, like Cliff Kinkaid and America’s Survival, Inc. as well as talk radio, independent documentalists like Agustin Blazquez and Glen Beck to provide vetting information for voters.

      Surely you don’t expect an agency of the President’s own Executive branch, to vet their own boss.

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