5 thoughts on “Loudon in Arizona

  1. Trevor, again, thanks for all you do. Think you need to move to the states!! You are a tremendous researcher, the best!! As soon as Glenn Beck introduced you years ago, I have followed you!! My son lived in Wellington for 6 years beginning in 05, he got his permanent residency there!!! He is now living in Austin, TX. But wants ultimately to move back to NZ.. He loves NZ and I think ultimately settle there. I was there 3 times in the six years, was all over the two islands.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Found out about you through Glenn Beck a few years back. Have done a lot of reading and learned a great deal from your site. Thank you for all your efforts! My husband was a foreign exchange student in New Zealand in the mid seventies and we have always had a soft spot for you “Kiwis”. I would have loved to come out and listened to you personally but didn’t find out about your visit soon enough. I am grateful for all your efforts to expose the danger that my country and by extension the world is in.

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