5 thoughts on “Obama and Israel: The Undermining of a Historic Relationship

  1. This video is a smokescreen for the real truth that Barack Obama was handpicked for office by Jews and put into office by Jews and guided every step of the way by Jews. Do you imagine that Jews George Soros, William Ayers, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Larry Summers, Elena Kagan, Charles Schumer, etc. would support someone who would really “throw Israel under the bus”? Ridiculous.

    As former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon once assured his cabinet, “Don’t worry about what America will do; we own America.”
    And please note that the policies of Netanyahu have been entirely unhindered by the disinformation collected in the “Undermining” video. Moreover, Obama has recently bent over backward–or maybe it is forward–to assert that there is “no space” between Israel and the United States. In this instance, I take him at his word.

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