4 thoughts on ““Why Marxism?” Why Indeed?

  1. Laughable video. I would debate him any day. If this anti-intellectual shit is all you liberals can come up with marxism is indeed the future.

    Just look at the philosopical work of the year and the years to come by the marxist Slavoj Zizek who today published his new Magnum Opus on Hegel and dialectical materialism. You dont even know what you are talking about anymore, capitalism is over. I can debate this subject on both economical and philosopical arguments.

    You have no clue what marxism is or where we marxists are today in our movement. You dont want to know, you want to live in your bubble so you can still motivate your capitalist laws and priviligies.

  2. This video should be ESSENTIAL viewing for ALL people, high school & college students, teachers, parents, and journalists, etc, etc, etc. No exceptions. Everyone needs, desperately, to understand the evils of Marxism/communism.

  3. Great article, tho it would have been great if you had said that this is where we are headed if Obama continues using his playbook which is the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21. The end result I believe is America becoming part of a communist one world gov.

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