1 thought on “Van Jones: ‘Occupy…Saved the Entire Country From Destruction’

  1. I find that only one person out of 100 is able to cogntely explain the Laffer curve. Economists do not disagree with the theory but they disagree on where we are on the curve. I totally agree with you that we are on the top of the curve already. Last year when Portugal increased taxes many economists complained that the negative effect on growth would be larger than the tax revenue gain, and force the government to pay higher interest on their debt. This past week they couldn’t sell bonds without paying record interest rates and they will default without a bailout. It sounds nice to soak the rich, and Obama will be shouting for higher taxes in 2012, but most economists know that the risks of higher taxes outweigh the benefits. Even Obama’s advisors knew this and told him to let the Bush tax cuts continue to avoid a double dip. They know that if we have a double dip Obama will never be re-elected. I applaud you for trying to educate the masses, but it is too complicated for the vast majority of Americans to understand. Most Socialists I meet cannot even give me a decent definition of socialism.Reply

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