4 thoughts on “Pat Condell on Israel and the United Nations

  1. I am trying to figure out if your P.S. Is just laughable or some kind of threat. It did give me a chuckle.

    1. Please present some scenario in which my post script could reasonably be interpreted as a threat. As it stands, my comment seems to have defused the go-to Zionist gambit of defending racism by claiming persecution. Do you have any real response to the points I made?

  2. Zionists only have legitimate claim to the land that was purchased from its previous rightful owners. Even if UN resolution 181 was legitimate, that would entail that subsequent UN resolutions were also legitimate. Since Israel arbitrarily refuses to capitulate with UN resolutions, that entails that 181 was not legitimate.
    Before you decide to play the “Chosen People” card, please bear in mind that reality differs greatly from your sacred texts, aka “Rules for Herding, Hygiene, and Conquest for Nomadic Desert Dwelling Peoples.”
    Even if they were based on true stories, large sections of the Torah from Jericho onward read like excerpts from a war-crimes tribunal.
    In summary, Your ghost stories are laughable and Zionists are not real Jews.

    Please find attached a map depicting what land in Palestine legitimately held by Zionists.

    From Wikipedia

    I’d be pleased if we simply stopped sending Zionists my tax money. The Likud party condemning terrorism is laughable. Modern Israel was founded on terror and genocide. See the Irgun, the Lehi, the Haganah and the Palmach among others.


    PS, before you accuse me of being an antisemitic crank, know that my lawyer is Jewish.

    1. …and two of your friends are black and you work with two mexicans and are friends with one indian,right?

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