5 thoughts on “Obama Caught on Hot Mic: Tells Russian PM He‘ll Have More ’Flexibility‘ ’After My Election’

  1. I pray, yes pray people will vote this horrible non patriot out of office.
    Sometimes I cannot believe this grifter is our president. He automatically assumes he will be voted in. I don’t care if gas goes to $8.00 gallon if it helps vote him out.

  2. So he is saying he will be phony today but real after the election?
    Well, I think that says it all.
    Mr. Obama will say anything and do anything to get elected.
    But once we suckers vote him in for a second term…


  3. One scary president who unfortunately is our president.
    GOD help U.S. defend ourselves against our own leaders.

  4. The conference was in reference to further cuts in missle defense… “easier to do after I am elected”. I read that he is also talking about furher reducing our nuclear arms..beyond the 80% he already committed to.

    Let’s see… we have nothing to deter Russian or Chinese attack and nothing to defend against Iranian or North Korean attack. No deterrence/no defense = no USA.

    Of course he is taking us on the way to internal collapse.

    This is the vision his mentors always had…and it is what he wants. We are doomed if he gets a second term and almost doomed if he doesn’t. A new President, without a supermajority in the Senate, will not be able to roll back the damage he has done.

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