Infiltration, Crisis, Liquidation: Beck Maps Out 3 Phases of ‘Political System X’

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Phase I:

Beck mentioned that Phase I started in earnest with Teddy Roosevelt’s progressive Bull-Moose Party in 1912. With a gestation period that has taken some 100 years to complete, Beck laid out the key strategies the left enacted and completed:

  • Organize Groups for Control: Groups only care about the collective, not the individual, thus they have been a perfect way for the left to move its agenda forward en masse. The Tides Foundation is a good example of a group in action.
  • Infiltrate: Government, labor, education, media, military, courts, and so on must all be infiltrated. This was discussed extensively in Beck’s Tuesday broadcast, covered here at The Blaze.
  • Weaken: Faith, youth, heritage, traditions and community must be torn from asunder. Beck recalled that, growing up, people who sat on opposite sides of the political fence rarely if ever fought the way they do now. “Now, [the mindset is] you can’t even do business together unless you voted for my guy!,” he exclaimed. When Easter becomes nothing more than a chocolate egg and nativities are forbidden from being displayed at Christmas, people’s faiths and traditions are washed away from view.
  • Confuse the Concept of Right vs Wrong: We see this daily in the myriad instances of double standards and moral equivalency.
  • Bring Everything to a State of Near-Crisis

Phase II:

Beck said that we are now in Phase II of this transformation and while Phase I took 100 years to complete, Phase II can achieve its mission at lightening speed. Below are the steps:

  • Allow Chaos: According to Beck, this is the point the country is currently experiencing. The government now allows and encourages people to rise up. Leftist lawmakers’ treatment and encouragement of the Occupy movement is one example of how chaos is being fostered here at home. An instance when this has occurred abroad was when the U.S government encouraged Egyptians to rise up and overthrow Hosni Mubarak.
  • Enforce Negative Stereotypes: Beck explained that enforcing stereotypes is why the Tea Party is regularly attacked but the Occupy movement is not. Another stereotype frequently reinforced is that “white people are hate mongers” and racists, or faith-seekers are “backwards” and closed-minded.
  • Isolate, Destroy, and Discourage “Truth”: This is perhaps why many who speak out against progressivism are targeted for either condemnation or outright “red-flagging” (which will be discussed in greater detail during Phase III).
  • Encourage Reckless Habits: The government doesn’t want Americans to be self-reliant, thus it encourages people to engage in self-destructive behaviors. When enough reckless habits are perpetuated on a regular basis by the general population, the general population will find itself in need of help. Where will they turn for help? The government. Beck asked why he is dubbed “crazy” for telling people to prepare and become independent. He reminded that, like most parents take steps to prevent becoming a burden on their children, so, too, should Americans of all age-groups. “How is it suddenly insane to do what our parents have showed us to be noble?” Beck asked rhetorically.
  • Remain in Shadows

Phase III: Political System X

  • Grab Control to “Protect”: Citizens will eventually need protection from the very chaos and crisis they themselves were encouraged to perpetuate. This is when government will protect us from ourselves.
  • “Liquidate” Those who Oppose or Have Served Their Purpose: Beck posited that if the left has not been able to silence or corrupt you by Phase II, Phase III will be the time in which they silence you for good. At its core, Beck said that “red-flagging” is when, in a case of great crisis, the government can “shoot, detain, discredit, or do whatever [it must]” to make disappear, anyone able to rally others in opposition. This scenario has happened in many countries, notably Russia and Germany. Beck admitted that he himself has likely been red-flagged, just as outspoken religious leaders and other vocal opponents of this system likely are.
  • Activate Shadow System: This is when the current state has become unbearable and Americans begin to beg for the government’s help. One can look back to the “Night of the Long Knives,” to see when Germany fully transformed. Night of the Long Knives was the systematized execution of not only many of Hitler’s opponents, but more importantly, his own allies – the brown-shirted storm troopers of the Sturmabteilung (SA), who raided the streets of Germany ravaging all those who did not comply with the ways of the new Reich. The SA were loyal servants of the Führer, but once Hitler deemed them a threat to his own power, and they had outlived their usefulness, he ordered members of the SA be destroyed. This has been the scene, Beck reminded, in nearly every bank-robber film. At the end of the movie, members of the robbers’ “inner-circle” are turned on by their leader. This, too, will happen in Political System X. Think: “Occupy Wall Street” once it’s served its purpose.
  • Remain in Crisis Mode: Then you will always be reliant on the government.

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