6 thoughts on “Socialist SEIU Leader on the Future of Unions and the O.W.S. Movement

  1. She’s another Union idiot! SEIU, AFSME, AFL-CIO are nothing but COMMUNISTS. Can you say COMM-UNION-IST
    The term “DEMOCRAT” is synonymous with Liberalism, Progressivism, Collectivism, Unionism, Socialism, Marxism, and Communism, and although each of these sociopolitical ideologies has its own peculiarities, they all harbor the same basic tenets and regardless by what appellation they are disguised, all are the Antithesis of our Constitutional Republic! UNION-JUST SAY NO!

    Every American is Endowed with the Inalienable Right to decline participation in a Union; however, no individual or collective of individuals has the right to deny, interfere with, contravene, infringe upon or abrogate the inalienable right to “LIBERTY” of an Individual Sovereign American by attempting to deny or prevent that Individual Sovereign American from pursuing his or her occupation because they have declined to participate in a Union.
    That is “TYRANNY”! That is the Antithesis of the principles upon which this “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”, The United States of America was founded. That is the premise upon which “COMMUNISM” is established and any individual or collective of individuals, whether through their own volition or because circumstances dictate, that would attempt to violate, interfere with, deny, contravene, infringe upon or abrogate the rights of an Individual Sovereign American is nothing but a “COMMUNIST”!
    The United States of America is not a Democracy where it is assumed that the majority can dictate to the minority, The United States of America (Article IV, Sec.4) is a “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” and here, the right of the collective or union can be no greater than the total sum of the rights of the Individual, here it is incumbent upon the government to protect the Individual Sovereign American from the “TYRANNY” of the Majority, the Collective or a Union

    Please, spare us from your self righteous indignation and your self righteous declarations and your self-righteous suffering in your pursuit of perpetual government care and release from the obligations and responsibilities that you have acquired or created through your own irresponsible actions and recklessness! Your actions are reprehensible and acting like a pack of rabid dogs attempting to create havoc and chaos while advocating the sociopolitical ideology’s of Anarchy, Socialism, Marxism and Communism in a rather pathetic and disgusting attempt to disguise your desire to be exonerated from your bad financial decisions and poor academic choices that provide for no occupational future will not earn my sympathies or respect, in fact, if your irresponsibility and recklessness is the evidence upon which you base your indictment of American Society then you are nothing but ingrates, degenerates and reprobates with no redeeming qualities and are as useless, worthless and pathetic as the delusional Marxist DYSTOPIA that you champion!

  2. I really feel sorry for this woman!

    There was so many dichotomies in her speech it was sad. “Let’s tell our stories!” She started out with her story in which the union failed! I mean really, her mom and sister got it, and she completely missed the boat. She kept talking about the failures of the unions and the heartlessness of the unions . . . woman, those are the facts! For the love of chubby little kids, Hostess is having to close it’s doors because of unions. You mean to tell me America doesn’t eat enough Twinkies to pay benefits?

  3. No one with any brains would pay any attention to this dumb woman. Oh, wait a minute, it IS the left. That explains it.

  4. What a twit. If she really believes what she said about the Tea Party “kicking their butt” – then that’s who they would ally with. She avoids the truth about Unions being behind #OWS from the get go. It’s their construct.

    The kindness of the “evangelicals” she refers to means nothing to her, and was wasted on her. She is disrespectful of the gifts which were given freely.

    Makes me sick.

    Why’d her Mom call the Unions anyway? What was up with that? Did she really expect them to put her up?

    A crying shame.

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