Syria – The Tipping Point Into Hell

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Ask yourself, what happens if we intervene in Syria? Nothing good will come of it. As the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine raises its rough countenance and swivels its sights towards Syria, America should pause and consider where this road leads. Straight to a world war drawing in Iran, Russia and China, courtesy of the Obama administration and its thuggish goons.

I have no love for the Ayatollahs and the whack jobs that rule Iran. War with them is almost a foregone conclusion, primarily because we never had the backbone to take out their nuclear ambitions or smack them for their terrorist forays. That confrontation is coming and will rock the world. However, sticking our nose into Syria as we did in Libya, will poke the badger, so to speak. You won’t free Syria from a tyrant, you’ll solidify Islamic radicalism and embolden it. Iran will not let it go, they are vested in Syria and will step in to dance with us almost immediately. Russia is using Iran for all they are worth and will back them in conflict, as will the Chinese. That’s your formula for the war to end all wars, considering how Obama and Panetta have neutered a great deal of our military muscle. It will also get many Christians slaughtered in Syria, but our Marxist-in-Chief cares little about that I would wager.

Think of Russia as the Mob and Iran as one of their enforcers. Russia is angling for control in the Middle East and Europe. You would not want to play Risk with these guys, trust me. They will let the Islamic extremists do their dirty work by invading, warring and wiping Israel off the map. When Russia is done with them, they will attempt to put the Islamists down. Who will win? Well, Russia has might, but Iran has insane religious fervor. They are willing to take everyone out to win. My money is on the Jihadists, but that roll of the dice is anyone’s guess. Let’s pray it never gets that far, but it sure looks like it’s progressing in that direction. I suspect in the end, the Chinese will be there to claim whatever is left, if anything is.

So, why would we stick our nose once again where it does not belong? Power, control and delusion. The Progressives always believe they will come out on top and in control. But they are not the biggest dog in this fight and they will get the crap kicked out of them by the big boys in Russia, Iran and China. And there are no do-overs in this game.

I understand Syria is murdering their own. That is evil and heinous, but nothing we do will change Islamic rule there. Either Iran will win or the Muslim Brotherhood will. Both are horrific and both are very bad for us. Both sides of that coin are our enemies, make no mistake about it. Pushing the so-called Arab Spring there is just enough to really stir the war pot.

Obama’s actions massively pushed forward the worldwide Caliphate agenda. Should a Caliphate emerge, Christian and Jewish blood will be all over Obama’s hands. He won’t care. In a White House that bans Christians and enables the Muslim Brotherhood, his agenda is pretty damn clear.

R2P in Syria would set off a powder keg, ushering in war. The Obama administration knows this and they may see it as a tool to help get Obama reelected. It’s just the right kind of emergency that slays numerous dragons at once, bolstering election time patriotism to help reelect a beleaguered president and to abridge Constitutional rights even more than they already have been.

It is unlikely that the US will directly confront Syria. It is more likely that, as in Libya, we will drop bombs and encourage the locals. It’s a classic R2P template, but it will inflame the situation even more. Remember how the Arab Spring has now brought the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt. It did not improve freedom or the lives of the people living there. Nope – Christians are being slaughtered, people are starving and the religious fanatics are cracking down on everyone. Wow, that really worked well, huh?

And as our leaders here in the US blithely pass legislation that will allow the indefinite detention of American citizens on American soil (such a breathtaking violation of the Constitution, I can’t even begin to fathom it), it is clear this administration is intent on waging war abroad and at home to further Progressive agendas. Yes, we finished pulling out of Iraq yesterday. Now there is another power vacuum for Iran to fill, increasing their reach and power even more. We’ve also gifted Iran with one of our drones. Well done. We don’t need enemies without, we have plenty within. Egypt suffered from the same affliction.

I believe that Syria is the tipping point into hell. R2P should not be used there and we should stay out of it, period. The Assad regime has been called a ‘dead man walking‘ by numerous parties recently. Let’s not zombify the situation.

You’d think after a decade of pointless waltzes in the Middle East, we would be disabused of that romance. Having not the stomach for real war (the breaking of things and the killing of enemies), we delude ourselves into the belief that war is something other than hell. Perhaps, somewhere in the Ninth Circle, we’ll finally get the point. Well past the tipping point.

Pelted by Raining Fire in Dante’s Seventh Circle Hell


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3 thoughts on “Syria – The Tipping Point Into Hell

  1. Oh for God’s sake! The attitude in this commentary is just petulant hyperbole pretending to be political insight! plus, it’s painfully obvious that no one throwing around the term “Marxist” has any idea what it means other than a euphemistic insult for “I Don’t Like Him!!!” Marxist!? LO friggin’L. Wall St. has more profits in 2 1/2 years under Obama than In 8 years under Junior. Not only did he not support single-payer, but dumped the public option as well and embraced the repub health care plan of the 90’s. He has strengthened most of Junior’s Patriot Act and recently signed a bill allowing for indefinite military detention of US citizens. Damn, you conservotypes should be falling all over yourselves to vote for this guy. He’s center-right on his best days and far right on his worst. This is 1 lefty that won’t be voting for Obama in 2012 for the exact opposite reason you won’t be voting for him.

  2. Hi.

    I completely agree with your view,the question is how far is Obama willing to go to get ‘reelected’ will he risk unleashing the ‘horsemen of the Apocalyps’?

    1. I have a strong feeling that he feels that we are the Colonialists and he’s full filling his fathers goals, and is not able to see past his nose.I see a dark 2012 ahead of us. The 60’s radical movement will have it’s final say. Support for his re- election will not come from patriotic citizens but from the far left, and contrary to popular believe that only the repu’bs have all the money, it’s all pretty well owned/hoarded by the left.
      While all the empty heads are bickering who would make the best repub’ president, they’re all fooling themselves to think that they can send one man to Washington, and they can all go back to sleep. The last time this country was in unison was 1941.
      I weep for my country.

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