11 thoughts on “California Congressman Blasts Navy For Naming Ship After Cesar Chavez

  1. The only good thing about Chavez compared to his relatives is that he kept the agri-business from hiring illegal immigrants since it drove the wages of his workers down, so he had the area patriot to look for illegal immigrants. He also voiced support for documents which unfortunately were easly fraud. His relatives now are the biggest supports of illegal immigrants and after Reagan IRCA helped millions of illegal immigrants in California get phony ID’s. Conservatives complain about California but the big increase of the illegal population being legalized able to bring relatives and the leaving of a lot of white Consrvatives that hated the new immirgant areas of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego along with the dropped of the military budget lead to the left wing California since Los Angeles was the key. The bay area was already pretty left but LA was more of a purple county until about 1995 or so.

  2. when ever i hear some one spit out social justice, i know they are communist traitors like president bongo or cesar chavez and mike king.

  3. Stop maligning Cesar Chavez. He’s a hero who fought for social justice for others. He’s no more a communist than Jesus is. You would have an FBI file too if I informed them that you have a subversive background. Witch hunts is all it ever was.

    However that does not mean I think we should name a ship after him. That should be reserved for military personnel, heroes, generals and pioneers in military-related fields etc. in keeping with tradition.

  4. TejasKat: I just spent about 2 hours looking at your link on Cesar Chavez, and the first 79 pages of it show time after time that the FBI cannot find any indication that the UFWA or its leadership were communist or are communist influenced. Can you direct me to where this is proven in their documents? There certainly is a huge FBI file, but given J. Edger Hoover’s love of gossip and desire to blackmail anyone he needed to, almost anyone who was “controversial” had a huge FBI file.

  5. Social justice, diversity, multiculturalism is necessary for moral equivalence and loss of such ideas as good and evil. So here Chavez is one man’s hero and another’s traitor and murderer. The next name on the next nuclear sub could be … Castro?

  6. I just wish the Navy would stick to protecting the shores of the citizens of the United States and STOP making political statements like naming a ship after a murdered.

    What is going on in the Navy I wonder. They do have a great Seal Team and Air Command, so why not invest more time in being the greatest on the water?

    Will the US of A ever pull our heads above the garbage heap and begin learning to live in pride and dignity again?

  7. Coming next: The USS Stalin

    Chavez was a murderer, not a hero.
    What the hell is going on in the Navy?
    Have THEY been infiltrated by commies too?

  8. This one with naming the ship after him I am mixed on; there are so many good and bad points here, yet the fact does remain, this is so the administration may win political points and nothing else.

    Other latino heros include many soldiers who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest award a soldier can achieve, and most of them postumously.

    So why not start with them.

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