4 thoughts on “Soros Links to Leftist Catholic Groups

  1. George Soros' initials are GS,perhaps this is the GREAT SATAN that the muslims mention so often.They do relate him to America so it's starting to come together.Plus the Bible does say that Satan will be cast out of Heaven in the last days and he'll be pissed because his time is short.Hmmmm? Bye Georgie.

  2. What can be said to a Jewish person who hates her own people? As a traditional Jewish person, I am numbed by so called Jewish liberals who are so blinded by their idealogy and how it hurts the own people and Israel. Mr. Soros in his own words is clear with regard to the faith he was borned into and Israel. He is no friend of the Jewish people or with Evangelicals.

  3. This guy Soros really gets around! He even has an indirect connection to our FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski. Julius's wife, Rachel Goslins, was quoted in an article in Washington Jewish Weekly:

    *****(Hint – check the last entry)

    Name: Rachel Goslins

    Hebrew name: Rachel

    Birthday: July 23, 1969

    Lives in: Washington, D.C.

    Synagogue: Adas Israel Congregation

    Favorite Jewish holiday: Rosh Hashanah

    Favorite Jewish food: bagels and lox

    Favorite Jewish celebrity: George Soros

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