Pro North Korean Communists Chant Obama Slogan in Spanish

My fearless friend Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival attended the pro North Korean Workers World Party National Conference in New York on November 13.

He recorded this video before he was kicked out.

Watch WWP operative Teresa Gutierrez call for freedom for terrorist lawyer Lynne Stewart (now serving 10 years in prison for illegally assisting Islamic terrorist clients), Leonard Peltier (who killed two FBI agents), and five Cuban spies in prison in the U.S.

Watch the crowd chant “Si Se Puede!”, Cesar Chavez’s old slogan, now a communist battle cry. Barack Obama’s campaign anglicized this in 2008, as “Yes we can!”

Well done Cliff “Cojones” Kincaid.


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2 thoughts on “Pro North Korean Communists Chant Obama Slogan in Spanish

  1. Remember the headlines by the liberal communist media when the Soviet Union supposedly collapsed? "WE Won" This lie is finally being exposed for what it is. In spite of all the examples that socialism doesn't work the powers that be keep pushing this agenda. This is because they don't care that it doesn't work. then end game is that they control all the money and power, and the "workers" work for the enrichment of the state.

  2. They just don't get it,YET. Not to worry they will.This is a textbook case of USEFUL IDIOTS.Phase two is when USELESS IDIOTS syndrome kicks in.That's the final elimination phase.Insanity has overtaken the whole earth simultaneously.I'm deeply saddened.If you think about it it seems like the election of Obama was the opening salvo, the sign they were awaiting for engagement,and I think I'm right on target.If you'll remember his statement,"were the one's you've been waiting for".

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