Become a Freedom Fighter, Get Behind DeMint

I’ve encouraged you before to get behind Senator Jim DeMint in his campaign for U.S. Senator for South Carolina. Jim has been dubbed “America’s Most Conservative United States Senator” by the National Journal, and his record backs it up. He writes,

“We’ve been duped into believing government alone can solve our country’s problems. I believe often the government is the problem. America’s greatness is found in its people and its values not in its government…with every round of new regulation and increased spending our country slides further away from liberty and closer to socialism.”

Supporting Jim has just got better! For a donation of $10 and up, his team will send you a free “Freedom Fighter” t-shirt, as well as a copy of his book, “Saving Freedom”.

Bob Hamer of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood website reviews the book which was only released in July,

“The book doesn’t whine about our nation’s problems. He provides an action plan for the nation and the individual to reclaim our freedoms. As Fox News says, “We report, you decide.” I would encourage everyone to take a look. “Saving Freedom” provides knowledge and some practical ways of doing and serving. Become informed and get involved. It is our country but it may not be the country we think we know if we don’t act soon…

…He acknowledges socialism begins with good intentions but becomes a government by force taking from some to give to others with the unintended consequences of destroying individual responsibility and creating an even greater dependency on the government.”

For donations over $25, Jim will personally sign the book for you. Would encourage you all to chip in.


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4 thoughts on “Become a Freedom Fighter, Get Behind DeMint

  1. Not many real Americans left in Congress, good to see one.
    I don't have any money to contribute, but I have other support for a real American freedom fighter like DeMint.

  2. He is the real deal and I'm proud to say he is my senator. I call his office almost every day just to find out what they are doing to us and his people are just the best. Just the truth thats all we ask for. You will get a tee shirt along with his book. Such a deal from the real deal.

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