3 thoughts on “John Stossel’s "Atlas Shrugged" Special

  1. Yes i'm a long time stossel fan lisa.

    great to hear about the Condstitution sales.

    I the new revolution succeeds, obama may be the best thing that's happened to america for a long time.

    Let's keep supporting patriotic America.

  2. Good vids, Trevor. Have you always been a fan of John Stossel? (I have)

    You also may have heard another book this year on the best seller list and making record sales: copies of the U.S.A. constitution.

    Evidence of America's awakening can been seen in by Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey.

    The second revolution is gearing up as people are making their voices heard at the ballot.

    I hope Stossel keeps up the good work at Fox.

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