Sir Roger-"Here We Go Again"

From the ACT Party website;

Prime Minister John Key’s recent comments on the Government’s plan to increase spending in the upcoming Budget only demonstrate how out of touch with reality he really is, ACT New Zealand Finance Spokesman Sir Roger Douglas said today.
“How can Mr Key proudly announce the Government’s intention to increase spending in health and education when, over the past five years, doctors’ and nurses’ productivity has dropped 15 percent and overall health productivity has dropped eight percent,” Sir Roger said.

“The simple fact is that unless the Government changes the existing incentives in health, education and welfare – which makes up 66 percent of the Budget – New Zealand will continue going nowhere. From 1996-2008 National and Labour Governments increased spending from $11,300 to $18,850 per person, in real terms. This equates to $7,500 for every man, woman and child. Throwing good money after bad has had the predictable effect on our productivity growth, which has slumped in recent years.
“One would have hoped that Prime Minister John Key and his Finance Minister Bill English would have learnt from past mistakes – apparently not
,” Sir Roger said.


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